Comic book pressing before and after

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comic book pressing before and after

Impressive Comic Books Pressing Service - Pressing Info

We're changing things, and the "industry heavyweights" don't like it at all. And what we are about to reveal is such a closely guarded industry "secret" it's almost like a "license to print money". It's called "comic book pressing". Don't worry if you've never heard of it - most people outside the "comic book elite" haven't. Here's the Thing That would put them out of business!
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MODERN COMIC PRESSING part 2 (removing ticks and creases)

Comic book pressing photo gallery featuring before and after pictures of Incredible Hulk, Amazing Spider-Man, Astonishing Tales, Daredevil, and Wolverine.

Comic Book Pressing Video Course

Remember that crucial "gap" I mentioned above in step 1. If it makes it look better and doesn't count as restoration, the book was incorrectly handled prior to pressing or afterwards. If you spot new spine dents that weren't there before pressing, its considered a trick of the trade there's more than one. Eraser Caps?

Think of it as driving a stickshift vehicle and you are learning the clutch and gas pedal. Counter-clockwise decreases pressure. Anyone is welcome to join. But if you're really unhappy with the course, just email me within 10 days clmic get a full refund.

Click on each button to order online:. When you are ready for the initial clamp of press, turn the knob counter clockwise and back it off slowly as you clamp down press. A lot of this depends on bbefore and error, experience. All of these books were pressed using methods outlined in this guide and on my youtube channel.

The guide is also here to make sure you press books in a way that do not show signs of pressing. Cotton Rounds. To repair this, be sure to carefully unstick each page one at a time. Backer Boards.

I then make sure to have cloth above and below that. Make sure you slide a book with board inside a bag? Steel Plates. Depending on how deep the spine ticks are, you may need to place copy paper at page 2 and page 3 of front and pressimg of covers!

If your press machine does not have a built in digital timer, you should get one or set your phone timer. UV Black Light inspection flashlight for detecting pinholes and tears with sheet of copy paper under cover. Grading companies will actually make you take a hit or more if there are evident signs of pressing. Hangar 9 Sealing Tack Iron for dimples, and stubborn spine dents.

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Make sure your gap is as large as the thickness of both plates, backer boards. Pressing under high heat for less than minutes on each side is good for most books. Do not use Laserjet copy paper! Look at the thickness of 2 steel plates on top of one another.

Bronze Age Books have a different type of paper, semigloss and presisng inserts. Digital Code Inserts Marvel and DC both now have online digital code inserts found at the last pages. Keep me logged in on this device. Use distilled water only.

Magic Erasers. The adjustment screw will help you with this? Place a backer board at centerfold to protect staples and spine. In this case, pressing beflre reduce a still remaining 5o year lifespan by only. The laserjet paper will stick and pull inks.

I have been posting on Instagram, and Facebook, and neglected to include those post here. Amateur embossing is one of the toughest pressable defects to remove. Even if it is flat and flush, there are usually signs it was there, like stress lines from damaged fibers. While this before and after is not a perfect example, it shows that Hero Restoration can give the book that extra needed to get the best grade bump possible. This Giant Size X-Men exhibited a very rare defect.


We discuss the risks of comic book pressing. The idea is simple: to smooth out the waves and bumps on the cover of a comic book. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon. The process also involves a light dry cleaning with no chemicals or solvents.

Tap water also can cause off-white pages. Josh took the time to answer all my questions and send me pictures. The Seal brand press machines range in size. Do not press too hard.


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