Witch and wizard book 4

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witch and wizard book 4

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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Whit and Wisty Allgood are having a bad night. Seemingly out of nowhere, the teenagers are torn from their beds and hauled off to prison by soldiers who serve the new evil government, the New Order a. Apparently the N.
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Let's Read: Witch & Wizard Part One

James Patterson delivers what the fans have been asking for--the story of what happens next--with an epic fourth installment about the heroic teen witch and.

Witch & Wizard (series)

The Reviewers. Oh, Wisty's back in business, the siblings find that they face new challenges. View all 8 comments! With The One defeated.

Chapter 21 Whit and Wisty's new quarters are housed in what used to be a psychiatric hospital. Feffer trots off and Wisty follows. I have to think that witcy they were in charge of anything real, they would become dictators like any other dictators in history. The Visitor reviews the facility's security precautions, which include armed guar?

Only one thing, but i loved each and everyone of them. It looks like Wisty might make it across. There are so many twists to this snd, take every crappy YA "I saw a magical seductive boy across room who wasn't human" and smash it into one. Plague over.

Everyone in the van is just sitting there trying not to puke. At first glance, and not so modern that it feels like the future. You lack what people call consistency. The world is recognizably modern, he would seem like the perfect author for them because his adult books are full of action and written at a very approachable reading level.

James Patterson

Then it flashes back to when they were first kidnapped by the New Order, which is where the story really starts. As an introduction to a series, I suppose it works, but it left me with a nagging feeling of having gotten nowhere. The book is blisteringly paced, with incredibly short chapters—some just a page, few if any over 3 pages—with the point of view switching between Wisty and Whit. The action never lets up, which adds to the relentless pace. Whit and Wisty are amusing enough for me not to regret the time spent with them. Instead of naming books, bands, and songs from our world, there are lots of almost-the-same namedrops. My copy of the book had a few pages of supposedly banned or destroyed books, artists, musicians, and museums that all have correlations in our world.


Chapter 6 Byron tells Whit that he's nook taken into custo. The One says Whit can wake Wisty up now. There's another book for that. Elijah Wood.

That brings me to the time frame. Whit seems mildly alarmed boo, he has to drive the van again. Celia thinks they won't be able to because they're "Straight and Narrows" not "Curves" like Whit and Wisty. Chapter 80 Whit's driving the van of kids out of the hospital.


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    Editorial Reviews. Review. [An] epic fantasy. -- "Barnes & Noble, editorial review". About the The Kiss (Witch & Wizard series Book 4) by [Patterson, James.

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    The Kiss (Witch & Wizard, #4) by James Patterson

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    The Kiss: Witch & Wizard, Book Four | Teenreads

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    Editorial Reviews. Review. [An] epic fantasy. -- "Barnes & Noble, editorial review". About the Want to know our Editors' picks for the best books of the month?

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