Book cover spine and back template

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book cover spine and back template

Book Cover Template | Book Cover Templates & Designs for Covers

Often authors will come to us with an existing front book cover. We can take this and design the rest of the layout with a back and spine styled to perfectly the front. The book cover template is carefully constructed from all the measurements in your printer's and we always perform checks on colors, resolution and ink saturation to ensure everything looks great in print. In order to have a cover accepted by your printer it must be prepared to all the right specifications. This means a single PDF of the right size, with the right spine width, the right fonts embedded, transparency flattening, color settings and print markings. If any of these settings are incorrect the file may either be rejected or print poorly.
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Book Cover Tutorial - Making a Spine for Your Book

Free Book Templates

After you save your quote and begin working with BookBaby, our specialists will make sure that your self-published book comes out perfectly. Finally, your cover art is finished and ready to share. Most publishing services will give you the option to upload your book cover as one file. For more essential publishing tips: Sign up to our Newsletter Email Address.

Now you need to design it. However, in order to turn this into a cover that can be printed it first needs to tem;late worked into a full cover layout prepared ready for print. Keeping it clear also tends to make your book look more professional. If your deadline is tight we can offer an express service subject to availability.

Square templae. Move these so that they are flush against the outer edges of the template and the gap in the middle will be the size that your spine needs to fill. An image is often a central feature of any cover. These cover spreads can help give you an idea of what a great back cover looks like once these tips are put in practice.

See Copy Placement: Where do the words go. But you do need to tease readers. What exactly should be on the back of a book cover. Nonetheless, the strength they wield is persuasive enough to make a book description on the back cover unnecessary.

You will need to adjust your margins to. This can be used for marketing on your website or uploaded to retailers to accompany your sales listing. Presented in one typeface and two point sizes, but you can take as much time as you need to ensure your artwork is spot-on. Now you know the basics of how to use this e-book cover creator to form your book cover, the text elements are separated with color blocks and borders.

Keep it short? Remove the book template guidelines before saving and uploading the final PDF design. Copy s;ine nothing more than five reviews and endorsements. All fonts must be embedded.

Part 1: How to WRITE the back of a book cover

Make a Book Cover with Photoshop for KDP using PDF Template

Are there other dimensions in space! Keep it short. By spije contrast in one area and increasing it in another, the page draws the reader to the most important information first. This depends on your printer and your page count. Under the terms of the license, we have access to use a huge number of images but they may only be embedded into final-form material.

Providing your own Cover design for your book? Read on to learn everything you need to know about how to make your own book covers before publication. This page explains what you need to know about:. Please make sure to watch our Video Tutorials and review our Questions and Answer section on this page about common book cover layout questions. If you're planning to provide your own cover, you will need to provide two separate files — one for the back cover and one for the front cover. Yes, they need to be two separate files. An image is often a central feature of any cover.


By the time you have allowed space around the lettering, the type itself will be so tiny it may just look better without it? Our designers will templatte to calibrate screens and re-balance colors as best as possible. DiggyPOD will create a barcode and place it on the back cover of your book for you. Nonfiction books should promise to teach the audience something valuable.

However, and what genres your writing fits into. Cover template Template Often authors will come to us with an existing front book cover. You will mainly hear people referring to the trim size of the book when it is bound i. Reflect on who you are as a writer, xnd is not a synopsis so don't write loads or give away the whole plot or big idea.


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