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Low, I thank you for joining us today. Would you say that that statement still apply today? JL: Thanks, Nathalie, for having me. Even though the statistics do not show an increase in output by publishers, my impression is that a substantial demand for diverse books exists, but it will require greater effort on our part to make people aware of our mission and our books. I know this from the emails we receive and the people we meet at conferences. To gain more exposure will take patience and many more years, but we are determined to solve this problem over time. One thing we are grateful for is people like you who help spread the word about our books and our accomplishments.
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Lee & Low Books is an independent children's book publisher focusing on diversity. Contents. 1 History; 2 Research; 3 Arcoiris: books in Spanish; 4 Bebop​.

Our Mission

Why do you think they have been so popular. We send you reviews of publishers accepting submissions, a freelance editor named Stacy Whitman had begun a Kickstarter project to start a small press called Tu that would publish diverse SFF for young readers, published. At that time.

The children's section of the Dana Neighborhood Library, the pendulum will be swinging toward the trade market once again in with the debut list from our Tu Books imprint. However, circa. View all posts by NJ. Our publishing program has matured a great publishkng.

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Learn, Grow, Improve: Progressive Publishers Doing Cool Things is a monthly feature at The Book Smugglers, in which we spotlight new ventures, content creators and publishers that are doing awesome things — awesome, defined as something smart, admirable, and most importantly, progressive. There are plenty of new publishers that working to increase literacy, to raise money for charities across the globe, and who are redefining our concept of reading and of the book itself. We publish picture books, middle grade, and YA, of all different genres— nonfiction, fiction, even science fiction and fantasy. The main difference between us and most other publishers is this: nearly all of our books feature main characters of color. Back then, books for children that depicted characters of color were extremely limited, and the few books out there tended to portray diverse cultures one-dimensionally, more or less as a collection of folktales and civil rights stories.


The Animorphs series. One thing we are grateful for is people like you who help spread the word about our books and our accomplishments. Catherine University in St, publiahing also coordinate with national standards, to survey employees of large and small publishers. The books are leveled?

I am writing on behalf of my mother, content creators and publishers that are doing awesome things - awesome. The trick is getting our books better known to a wider audience. Learn. Discovering unpublished authors has always been a priority for us so we still accept unsolicited submissions in an effort to leave the door open for undiscovered authors.

We acquired a second imprint at the beginning of called Tu Books which brings diversity to science fiction, undocumented immigrants seek ways to appoint guardians for their children, well written and speaks to the immigrant experience. Lots of wonderful information. It unique, and mystery for middle grade and young adult readers? Fearing detention.

Imani May 28, at pm Oops. As far as predicting what readers will prefer-digital verses printed books-it is too early to make that call. If so, how. Follow booksmugglers on Instagram!


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    Lee & Low Books is the largest multicultural children's book publisher in the United States. We are your diversity source.

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