He and i book gabrielle bossis

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he and i book gabrielle bossis

Mystics of the Church: Gabrielle Bossis -He and I

The author endeavors always to be in communion with the Catholic Church and its teachings. This book has inspired me to the extent that it has changed my image of God from a stern judge to a loving friend. I'm on my 12th reading of the book and each time there is something wonderful that keeps me hope-filled in this difficult time - mainly His closeness, His caring and the intimacy that brings to me - a 66 year old widow. It is nice to meet you. Thank you for your comments. I have read the entire book "He and I" by Gabrielle Bossis and I must say that it left a deep impression upon me also. It is definitely in my top 5 books of all time and I am quite a reader!
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Gabrielle Bossis

Gabrielle Bossis & the Intimate Life of the Soul

Hi Sabine, coz it's not available too in our country,could u email me at jmjss gmail. I know someone who wish to publish the book, Thanks for your comment. The messages conveyed seem to always have a timely significance for something that is occurring in my life. Title Search.

Monica, "God comes to us even before He is sought. We are all called to live holy lives 1 Pet. Brown Translator. One great saint said, can you post a link for that info.

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Enter into the intimate, interior conversations between Jesus and Gabrielle Bossis. In this timeless spiritual classic, you share in the profound and touching experience of Gabrielle Bossis-a French nurse and playwright living as a single woman in the early 20th century-while she hears the inner voice of Jesus in the core of her being. It was not until the age of 62 while traveling to Canada aboard the 'Ile de France' that Gabrielle began a dialogue with this inner voice. From that time until two weeks before her death in , the voice of Jesus summoned her not only in church and during prayer, but amidst the hustle and bustle of modern life. From flying on an airplane, to riding the metro during rush hour in Paris, to walking through the crowds of busy city streets, to performing on a theatrical stage, Gabrielle encountered Jesus during all of her experiences. Even when she was contemplating her innermost thoughts and feelings, Jesus was striking up a conversation with her.

It also helps us to realize how God wants us to speak to Him throughout the day this is something that for h cetainly takes a bit of practiceyou can have no idea of the tenderness that I pledged to your soul so long ago -from all eternity. Above all when you know that it is there that I'm waiting for you and that great is My need to Meet you. You nad, but by doing so our lives are thus transformed into a constant prayer and deeper union with God. I would love to buy her photos. Return to Book Page.

I was wondering what others think about this book. I notice it has many positive reviews in Amazon. The question for me is I looked it up, and every source seems to be saying that it was approved by her bishop Imprimatur and Nihil Obstat do not mean that the messages are approved by the Church.


This book was recommended in a Bible Study by a fellow member when asked by the moderator: What are your favorite spiritual books. I bought this book in and it has remained my favorite through the years. I gave one to the wife of my boss many years ago as a Christmas present. Rereading and growing through it again.

Are there two voices alike in the whole world? All Products Store Highly recommended if you need a spiritual lift. Be afraid of hurting Me.

You believe in My presence and a tabernacle, don't you. A lover asking us to catch His love and try to love him. Do you really believe that Her love is active on your behalf. Turns out he was visiting Arizona from N.

Boyer, along with Fr. Garielle you. Dakota and was to leave in a week. There are many short entries that could be meditated on at length.


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    I am really glad to hear that you have a great appreciation for the book "He and I. As we journal and pray, her journals revealed a rich spiritual life. After my first book, we get more and This kind of books goes to show that our God is speaking God and we have to be bkssis listening to Him with the ears of our hearts and be always ready with a nice pen and a nice writing journal. Known by friends and acquaintances for her vivacious personality and infectious laughter, I got three more books for my family?

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    He and I by Bossis, Gabrielle

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