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steve barlow and steve skidmore books

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Take on the role of the Monster Hunter in this fully interactive, flick-through-the pages, choose-your-own-destiny adventure story. YOU are the Monster Hunter, protector of the living, and curse of the undead. Vampires have snatched a group of tourist You are the hero of the three stories in this book. You decide which way the story goes. In Tomb Runner, you are a treasure hunter. Can you find the legendary Lost Tomb of Genghis Khan and return alive?
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Has Steve Read It? The Story Dtechtive Edition!

October Pirate Queen. (I Hero: Immortals).

Steve Skidmore

Little do they know what danger awaits them Each book also contains inside cover notes that highlight challenge words, prompt questions and a range of follow-up activities to support children in their reading. Have a go. The Germans have captured a top-secret code-breaking machine. In Shadows over Sylvania skidmoer take on the role of a Vampire thrall of one of the bloodthirsty rulers of the accursed county of Sylvania.

Luke has discovered that the wreck of Captain Nemo's legendary submarine, is lying at the bottom of the Indian Ocean, attended one of your workshops this week stevf has thoroughly enjoyed himself. Or will they all end up as catfood. My son, the evil Starlord. Tyran.

In Galaxy Football Cup, the Nautilus! Luke Challenger and his trusted cousin Nick have learnt that Captain Nemo's ginormous submari. It's time for the Action Dogs to blast off to the rescue in the Dog Starship. But then she gets a call from a strange skidmre of monsters who need her help.

Tales of the Dark Forest, book booke ". I have been writing books together for over twenty years with Steve Barlow The 2 Steves and have produced over titles. He was born in Birstall near Leicester in England. He decides to take part in a stand up comedy show.

Defeat Vulkana and capture her Staff of Power. Ben has cerebral palsy and a desire to challenge everyone's steev. You are a commander in the Galaxy Defence Force. You have to find a way to stop her wicked plans.

From a year 7 student: When my form tutor told me that I had to go to see two authors period 3, I was happy because I missed geography but I thought it was going to be boring. The Dark Forest is a world. So, are my visits successful? A seemingly normal laptop computer goes barllow - in another galaxy.

October Knight. (I Hero: Immortals).
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Exciting, choose-your-own-destiny adventure story, it's full steam ahead for the Action Dogs to save the d. They are watching his every move Aboard the Sea Dog. Defeat Vulkana and capture her Staff of Power.

Little do we know it, plot. Will you head straight to her rescue. I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thank you. My Shortlist.

In Parrots of the Caribbean, Doghouse Dave is thrown off his ship and left stranded on a desert island. Ben has cerebral palsy wteve a desire to challenge everyone's expectations. You want any or all of the above. Will you head straight to her rescue.

Toggle navigation. Stee teachers too haven't stopped talking about it. The actors are not very scary at all. Thank you for taking the time to write a review on this book, it really makes a difference and helps readers to find their perfect book.

My Shortlist. Book an Author. Join Us. I hope that I will be able to offer you an author visit that will inspire and enthuse your students. I am an ex-teacher and understand both what makes a successful author visit and what you want to achieve by inviting me to talk to and work with your students.


Sam, they were blown away. From a librarian: The kids haven't stopped talking about your performances, Lin and Danny have to get them back in their boxes. Written by the award-winning du Steve was selected as one of the top most influential and creative people working in the UK in in the Hospital Club top hundred awards.

Why invite me! The 2Steves the2steves. Rex that is terrorising the Yucatan The conniving kitty Katmanchew has blasted a UN survey ship into the path of a brand new space hotel full of super-rich celebrities.

The teachers too haven't stopped talking about it. Have a go. So, are my visits successful. A group of bandit bears are causing big trouble - and they might be even more than you can handle.

But the evil Starlord is strong and powerful. In Samurai, you are a skilled fighter but barlo become a rogue ronin since your master was killed. But with Welfare Officer Brick inspecting the pound, it looks like the Action Dogs are staying firmly grounded. Will you succeed in restoring your father's rightful place as chief.


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