Teenage authors and their books

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teenage authors and their books

Teen Author Bookshelf: List of Published Teen Authors | Teens Can Write, Too!

Email Address. I mean, come on! He became a NYT bestselling author at 19, bless his disgustingly talented soul. To top off her awesomeness, she only queried for 2 months before being picked up by an agent!! Amy Zhang sold her book to Greenwillow when she was So much disgusting talent. Ugh, seriously.
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Teen author 'writes for fun 'becomes best-seller

Remarkable Books Written by Teenagers

Brady continues to follow his writing aspirations! Sooooo that took a little more time than expected. I was eleven, J, about to start a new school. Hell.

I only discovered that when Teir was researching for this post so thaaaat made my day. I think yes it does, I actually had no idea any of these authors were so young. She is pretty phenomenal? Wow, but in a good way.

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Teen author lands big book deal

As Hollywood scours the literary world for the next big screen adaptation with franchise potential, studios may want to start paying attention to another pool of authors to borrow from. We recently spotted an article in the New York Times about young writers — many scribes under the age of 18 — that have been seeking untraditional ways to share their written word with the world. Literature requires experience, in a way that mathematics and music do not. Most likely the first author that came to mind when you saw our article was Anne Frank. She never lived to see her story achieve international fame, however. The Dutch-written diary Frank kept about her everyday experiences while hiding with her family for two years during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands was published posthumously. She started recording her experiences shortly after her 13th birthday.


What a great resource you have created for young writers. It saved my life because of the boos it brings; you never have to fit in. Changing the world's opinion… as soon as we finish this math homework. It is the first book in the Halo trilogy, and it tells the story of a young angel who was sent to Earth to do good and battle evil.

I'm pretty sure the Zhangs are not related. I DID!! I mean, how. I have no problem with that.


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