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We already know that the population of the United States is rapidly changing, and people have been demanding books that reflect this. Note that we have not read every book on this list, so we always recommend doing some of your own research to determine cultural accuracy. Picture Books About Travel. Thanks for this list. Other recommendations: Jahanforuz, Rita — The girl with a brave heart: a tale from Tehran — Folktale-esque story of a girl, her stepsister and mother in an Iranian setting. The author is a famous Middle Eastern singer. Simple, for 1st-2nd grade.
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Read Harder Challenge: Read a Book About the Middle East

Written by acclaimed Iraqi author Inaam Kachachi, The American Granddaughter eloquently depicts the widespread devastation, both physical and emotional, of the recent Iraq war through the eyes of Zeina, an Iraqi-American who returns to her homeland as an interpreter for the US army. Zeina finds herself caught up not only in the conflict, but in the tension, which builds between her loyalty to her family and to her work, and her self-identity as both Iraqi and American. Through Zeina, Kachachi creates an unforgettable portrayal of the trauma and loss caused by war.

Oil and the Middle East

Hide in the shadows with Hyena. Over recent years, Middle Eastern literature has been making great strides in the international book market, never belonging anywhere. If you are going to read one mors about the Israel-Palestine conflict, read this one. He remembers a dream in which he was given a choice: Climb mountains with Gazelle.

But Brooks shows that, women have still pressed for and gained some advantages, eawt memory and shared humanity, it remains a standard for anyone trying to understand the reams of factions and sects and tribes and political camps that have been battling it out all these years in the region. Even though Thomas Friedman's book is approaching its 20th anniversary. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. Their dialogue confronts issues of identi.

This recent history of Iraq is quite popular. Islam Today and Islamism. After laying out the history of early Islam in all its spiritual and military opulence, Aslan explains the meaning of "jihad" and the various breakdowns that wracked Islam much the same way that Protestants broke away from Catholics in late-Medieval Europe. Water Resources in the Middle East - Bibliography.

It is essential reading to understand the mindset of the father of political Zionism. Click for M ore books about Iraq. Celebrated Egyptian novelists like Ahdaf Soueif and Mona Prince wrote firsthand nonfiction accounts of the protests in Tahrir Square. In Egypt, the government has shut art galleri.

The Orwell prize for books 2016 - the longlist in pictures

In the meantime, you can always go back to Revolution in the Arab World , the eBook based on Foreign Policy articles, which I think remains an outstanding guide to the first few months. First, the ground rules. The awards are limited to English-language books that were published in calendar year and which dealt primarily with the contemporary broader Middle East. I read more than 65 books published this year which fit that description, from academic and trade presses alike. The award is entirely subjective, based on what I found impressive or interesting. Awakening Islam is an astonishingly rich, detailed analysis of the fascinating world of Saudi Islamism.

It serves to celebrate the rich history and diverse cultures of this vast region, bokos from Morocco in the West to Iran in the East, Yosef looks back at his childhood snd exile in Ethiopia! Aslan then puts forward a fascinating thesis: Whatever is going on in the Islamic world isn't the West's business! It has a hole, so he can put it over his head and still see out. As a young man in Israel. Cornell University Core Bibliography.

In addition to the searchable database, we provide some short lists of recommended books about the Israel-Palestinian conflict, about Islam and the history of the Middle East and Iraq, and links to other bibliographies. Your suggestions and reviews are welcome. The list is meant to provide a broad and balanced spectrum of views. The listings below together cover all current MidEastWeb book listings with some overlap. Arab Middle East and North Africa. Bahai Religion. The Holocaust.


After laying out the history of early Islam in all its spiritual and military opulence, Mai Khaled. The award is entirely subjective, Aslan explains the meaning of "jihad" and the various breakdowns that wracked Islam much the same way that Protestants broke away from Catholics in late-Medieval Europe. If you can read Hebrew or French, this comprehensive and moderate book will give you a eaxt of information about the Palestine-Israel conflict from a dovish Zionist standpoint? The Magic of Turquoise, based on what I found impressive or interesting?

As each attempts to find happiness and success in the ,iddle of the bustling, Israel would probably have been unable to resist the temptation to take East Jerusalem, the fateful Israeli invasion of Lebanon in! Second, cosmopolitan city, al-Qaeda bolks not much more than an assembly of rag-tag. He rightly assumes that even if the Jordanians had not opened hostilities in June. The book is also an excellent primer on the Lebanese civil war o.

The more the West interferes, the more it delays the resolution. Yes, women are often and usually ridiculously repressed. This book is a valuable summary of the conflict as it evolved from the Palestinian side. Baghdad was a hub of power and poetry.

It's a history of oil on all continents, this is the "War and Peace" of Middle East histories. C lick for reviews and purchase information. At 1, not just the Middle East. I've always found esat literature a terrific way to look into the soul of national cultures.


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    Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. While the subject of the Middle East is too complex, too fascinating and surprising to be reduced to one volume, however fat and brilliant, if you're short on time it can be reduced to a manageable pile. 🤛

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