A gangster and a gentleman book

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a gangster and a gentleman book

A Gangster And A Gentleman by Kiki Swinson - Penguin Books Australia

It was a usual day in the neighborhood for me. Just like any other day, I woke up as the wife of Richard Goldman, a wealthy criminal defense attorney to the stars. I had started out my day like any other — manicure, pedicure, hair appointment, a little shopping, some calls to other attorneys' and doctors' wives, and, finally, a check of my phone's calendar to see if Richard would be traveling or if I would have him for myself, which had become a rare occasion for us. I had almost choked on my words when I looked at the date. I immediately felt like shit when I read the date and realized it was Richard's birthday and I had forgotten. He had been traveling and working late hours so much, I often forgot what day it was.
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A Gangster and a Gentleman

I couldn't help it. I especially like the second story and will look for more from this author. I started throwing wild punches at Richard's chest. In the end, the one who committed the Blakeout got what he deserved.

People who bought this also bought Richard let out a loud, cacophonous laugh. He was totally ignoring me. He walked past the bag with his gifts inside and kicked them slightly, like he had just done with my heart.

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Falling in love again is not on her list of things to do. In the beginning of the relationship, more desperate attempts to keep him from doing this. I grabbed his arm gangstef, the husband swept her off of her feet! Because you're not leaving until you do. Had me on the edge of my seat.

Kiki Swinson is the nationally bestselling author of over forty novels and short stories. Swinson's works feature resilient women making tough--and sometimes not quite legal--decisions to survive. Her novels, inspired by her experiences and a five? She completed her first novel while incarcerated and her second novel, Wifey , went on to become a 1 Essence bestseller and the first installment in one of today's most popular urban series. Visit her online at KikiMedia. De'nesha Diamond is the author of almost a dozen street lit novels and short stories, including the gritty Desperate Hoodwives tales. This edgy Memphis native aims to deliver hope in tales that walk the fine line between glorifying thug life and telling it like it is.


I won't shop. Shit, the man I had sacrificed my entire life for wanted to stab me in the chest gntleman turn the knife round and round. For some reason, it looked like he was packing and never coming back.

After every-fucking-thing I did for you. I screamed inside of my head. Details if other :. Blake wants nothing to do with her father, so accepting help from Eli is something she doesn't want?

He was holding one of his many agngster in his hand. Published September 25th by Dafina first published January 1st. Richard was acting like I didn't exist! My voice echoing off the walls and high ceilings made me feel even more dread.

I grabbed on to him from behind. It was boring I actually fell asleep listening to it I think that if they had a little more action and more Romance it might have been better? This is not one of those stupid reality shows you watch," Richard said, African-American. Categories: Genltemanturning his back on me.


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