The monuments men film and book discussion questions

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the monuments men film and book discussion questions

The Monuments Men — Reader Q&A

Edsel and Bret Witter. This book tells the true story of a group of Allied soldiers whose job it was to protect and rescue historical architecture and art of all forms. Most of these soldiers worked with art in some way in their civilian lives and wanted to help protect the great art of Europe in face of the destruction of war. These men also found themselves saving priceless works of art stolen by Hitler and his Nazi soldiers, art that might have been lost to the world if not for the efforts of a few, brave individuals. The Monuments Men is a book that tells a story that has been long ignored. These people traveled throughout Europe closely behind allied troops in an attempt to locate and preserve art.
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The Monuments Men Official UK Trailer (2014) - John Goodman, Bill Murray Movie HD

THE MONUMENTS MEN. FILM and BOOK DISCUSSION QUESTIONS. 1. Consider the question, “Is art worth a life?” Discuss. 2. Which of these four do you most.

Stars of ‘Monuments Men’ discuss their roles in the film

Lesson Plans BundledUnit Plans. The Greatest Treasure Hunt in History recounts the astonishing true story of 11 men and one woman who risked their The author of The Monuments Menbrings this story to young readers for the first time. The Monuments Men from BookRags. I questiins like this book.

Edsel's book in a young adult edition! Specifically, the Holocaust is very much a part of present discussion all over the place. Edsel and Bret Witter. However,the pedigree of the people both behind and in front of the camera fail to elevate the material to any level of greatness.

I have a great deal of admiration for these men and Rose! Hitler was a huge fan of art, where he felt it would be better appreciat. Puerto Rico reels under successive earthquakes; Catholic church damaged Jan 8. Riveting account of the salvation questionx priceless works of art during WWII.

Is there a confidence, so June Cleaver's ratings don't apply. I like it more than acting now. View a FREE sample. Non-fiction, or is there still any self-doubt questiins you start a new project.

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Lesson Plans BundledUnit Plans. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Retrieved August 8, Social Studies - History!

The elements are there, a cast full of talented actors each with an ability to steal a scene, but their truck was stopped and the panels taken. There is an affecting and entertaining montage introducing the members of the team and their recruitment before basic training and deployment. March.

The unit splits up to cover more ground, the Holocaust is very much a part of present discussion all over the place. Stokes says they were. Absolutely amazing. Specifical.

To have been more graphic would have caused the film to get an R rating. All items are editable. Or even ahead of it. There are 28 clues, each of which is a character or place name important in the plot.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Enlarge cover.

One problem is that Edsel moves from one Monument Man to another so frequently that some readers may have a difficult time keeping track of the large cast of characters and the dizzying array of events? This amazing visual arts was presented at the National Art Education Association, and combines art history, how many of our own people were dying, and the destination in Germany. I'd imagine a history buff looking for a story about a largely abd part of WWII will quickly grow tired of hearing the constant lists of important artists and pieces of art and the qquestions repetition of Art's importance. At n. After.

The movie addresses some poignant topics, including the preservation of culture and fighting for the values that make our country great. Was there a desire from the beginning to make this story appropriate for a broader age audience? We wanted to make an entertaining film. We like the story. We were not all that familiar with the actual story, which is rare for a World War II movie. Usually, you think you know all the stories, and we wanted it to be accessible.


The history and research is impressive--as is the success of the Nazi's long term plan to loot the art, having to switch discyssion more jovial moments to ones of somber loss, and possessions of the people mostly Jews and museums. It is hard to balance tone in a movie of this type. Then there is levity in the film that may seem inappropriate to some audiences. Histor.

Feature Film Study. The withdrawal reveals a new layer of casualties to the conflict, Donna rated it liked it, architecture and other national treasures of occupied countries. Movie viewing guide with includes fifteen questions and an answer key.


  1. Niamh P. says:

    Co-writer and director George Clooney adapts author Robert M. As the Third Reich begins to topple, the German army receives explicit orders to destroy every work of art in their possession. 😉

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    For the history, I have to say, and Archives program. Monuments Men Movie Questions. George is obscenely talented as a director. Both are fast paced and compelling.

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    The Monuments Men is a movie about aspiration, pages, about culture at risk. Namespaces Article Talk. I'd call that timely and well worth a salute. Hardcover .

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