Indian mathematicians and their contributions pdf

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indian mathematicians and their contributions pdf

15 Famous Indian Mathematicians and Their Contributions

The Republic of India, a country located in South Asia, famous for being the world second most populated country. India has made many contributions to this world, their cuisine, spices, art and literature, textiles, theatre Bollywood and so much more. However, some of the greatest contributions have been their contributions in mathematics stretching far back from ancient history to the modern day. The Indian geniuses have made revolutionary changes in the world of mathematics and made advancements and specializations in the world today. Therefore it is important for us to appreciate these fifteen famous Indian mathematicians and find out exactly what they have contributed for us! Srinivasa Ramanujan Ramanujan the mathematical genius taught himself math after he dropped out of high school due to his failure in the English subject. He is most famously known for his contribution in analytical theory of numbers, elliptic functions, continued fractions and infinite series.
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Top 10 Indian Mathematicians and Their Contribution

Mathematics is the study of topics such as quantity numbers , structure, space and change. For example- decimal number system, concept of zero as a number, negative numbers, arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry etc.

Famous Indian Mathematicians and Their Contributions

Known for: Mahalanobis distance Feldman-Mahalanobis model. Next Post. The existence of communication routes and a suitable chronology certainly make such a transmission a possibility. Ancient and medieval Indian mathematical works, usually consisted of a section of sutras in which a set of rules or problems were stated with great economy in verse in order to aid memorization by a student.

He gave the formula. SUNY Press. Aryabhata is undoubtedly the most celebrated Indian mathematicians. Sponsored Posts.

But it is actually not impossible to reach these horizons…… S Ramanujan and many other mathematicians has just proved it. Aryabhata II c. Log in to Reply Thank you for this suggestion, we are working on it. Madhava of Sangamagrama c.

So some of the nad ideas of calculus were known in Egypt and India many centuries before Newton. Jyesthadeva presented proofs of most mathematical theorems and infinite series earlier discovered by Madhava and other Kerala School mathematicians. Take a four digit number with all different digits, arrange the numbers in descending order. Several hundred years passed before European mathematicians fully integrated such ideas into the developing discipline of algebra.

10 Indian mathematicians who changed the course of the world as we know it!

Take a four digit number with all different digits, arrange the numbers in descending order. Narayana is also thought to be the author of an elaborate commentary of Bhaskara II 's Lilavatititled Karmapradipika or Karma-Paddhati. Log in to Reply Where is the great Varahamihira????. This section may lend undue weight to certain ideas, or controversies. Nemichandra Siddhanta Chakravati c.

Jump to navigation. India has had a long legacy of extraordinary teachers and scholars who had immense knowledge about mathematics and astronomy. From discovering the concept of zero to calculating the correct days in a year, mathematicians in India have been at the forefront of challenging the norms as well as a thirst for knowledge. He is famous for putting out concepts like lunar eclipse and solar eclipse, rotation of Earth on its axis, reflection of light by moon, value of pi correct to 4 decimal places, circumference of Earth to His works include the famous Aryabhatiya which he wrote when he was just 23 years old. He influenced other future mathematicians and thinkers like Lalla, Bhaskara I, Brahmagupta, Varahamihira. Brahmagupta was born on CE in Ujjain.


This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. However some scholars have disputed the Pythagorean interpretation of this tablet; see Plimpton for details. Log in to Reply I would like to add in this list two names: Dr. Powell, A.

But its very simplicity and the great ease which it has lent to computations put our arithmetic in the first rank of useful inventions; and we shall appreciate the grandeur of the achievement the more when we remember that it escaped the genius of Archimedes and Apollonius, statistical inference and linear models multivariate analysis. His contributions include estimation theory, two of the ihdian men produced by a. Retrieved 16 March New York: John Wiley and Sons.


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