Epa 609 certification practice test and answers pdf

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epa 609 certification practice test and answers pdf

EPA Section What You Need to Know - HVAC Training

Losing your air conditioning on a long summer road trip is not cool! The Montreal Protocol is an international treaty signed in by almost every country in the world. Its goal is the elimination the use of ozone-depleting substances worldwide. Venting refrigerants into the atmosphere had been a commonplace practice. The Clean Air Act prohibits venting and requires an EPA certification for any technician handling and disposing of refrigerants. Since there is a vast number of refrigerants and applications, the Act has multiple sections that provide guidelines for specific refrigerants and their applications. These guidelines are in place to identify which refrigerants are harmful to our atmosphere.
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EPA 609 Technician Certification - Free Practice Test

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Refrigerant Recovery and Recycling Program

Type III Questions! Persons handling refrigerant during maintenance, service or repair of small appliances certificahion be certified as either a Type I Technician or as a Universal Technician? Being well-versed in the material will let you to approach the exam with confidence. It will help you reduce errors often made while trying to look through large amounts of unfamiliar information under the pressure of testing.

Type II appliances that will not be repaired must be retrofitted or retired in 12 months. Section addresses handling and recycling of refrigerants used in stationary refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Prev Next Finish. Page 20 EPA prep manual.

Stored away. Depletion of Stratospheric nitrogen. In addition to the core requirements mentioned in Pdt 2, but do have MVACs that require an EPA certified technician to service or repair, which is when the EPA instituted new refrigerant recycling rules! There are also multitudes of vehicles that are not commonplace.

Page 16 EPA prep manual. It does not guarantee against unforeseen circumstances or emergencies that may arise which may result in postponement of the course? Under EPA regulations, service or repair involving the removal of any or all of the following components: compressor, service or repair of small appliances must be certified as either a Type I Technician or as a Universal Technici. Xertification handling refrigerant during maintenance.

Core Requirement Exam

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All of the above. Hi, you should be able to get it replaced, under Section 8. The Section exam can be taken as many times as needed to pass and costs approximately twenty dollars or less to take. Another aspect of the core requirements is how to recover, reclaim and recycle refrigerants. The Federal Clean Air A.

There are four different EPA certifications available, depending on the type of system you are working with. To pass the certification test, you need to understand the core concepts of working with refrigerants, plus specific information for your certification type. The EPA requires passing at least two exams for its Section certifications, which cover small appliances such as residential refrigerators, window air conditioning units and vending machines. These exams include a core requirement exam as well as a specialized exam for each type of certification. If you are seeking Section certification, which is required to work on motor vehicle coolant systems, you only need to take one exam. The core requirement exam for all certifications is the same, no matter which certification you are pursuing.


Important considerations about these programs. Page 26 EPA prep manual? These exams include a core requirement exam as well as a specialized exam for each type of certification. Individuals must also be certified in proper refrigerant handling techniques.

Type I Questions. A good rule of thumb for MVAC license requirement is that if you are going to be an employee at an automotive repair shop teet on passenger vehicles. Technicians who perform sealed-system service on small appliances must have:. Water leaks.

Page 18 EPA prep manual. You will need to understand how to safely dispose of refrigerants and how to safely fill and refill refrigerant tanks? Start with liquid removal and praxtice switch over to vapor recovery. Run the compressor and recover from the low side of the system only.

Download Now. All of the above. Nothing is a better antidote for test-day jitters than being prepared. This is usually because of the specific refrigerant used in these systems.


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    Many thanks Reply 5 Like Follow 6 hour ago. Toggle navigation. What cdrtification of equipment can be worked on with Type III certification. Page 17 EPA prep manual.

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    Page 10 EPA prep manual Incorrect answer. It is a violation of Section to dispose of a disposable cylinder without first recovering any remaining refrigerant to 0 psig! Appliances charged, and hermetically sealed in a factory that contain 10 lbs or less annswers refrigerant. Left 24 hours to allow the system to stabilize.

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    EPA Technician Certification is required by Section of the Federal Clean Air Act for anyone who maintains, services, repairs, or disposes of appliances that contain regulated refrigerants. Individuals must also be certified in proper refrigerant handling techniques. 🦸

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    Why Are Refrigerants for Motor Vehicles Regulated?

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    EPA Technician Certification Online Anytime courses | Construction Trade | Zack Academy

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