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The Theater and Its Double is a collection of essays by French author and actor Antonin Artaud written in the s and s. The book itself was first published in French in The book establishes a relationship between theater and life reality. In Artaud's mind, theater and reality are two entities that live in separate spheres; as such, they double each other hence the title of the book. Artaud's radical stance on the art of theater, as expressed in this book, still has a great influence on contemporary art and philosophy.
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Antonin Artaud: Practical Approaches to a Theatre of Cruelty (Preview)

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The Theater and Its Double Summary & Study Guide

The dandy decks himself out in his finest clothes and promenades before the charnel houses. Itd it means that at the point where we are we have lost all touch with the true theater, the familiar or unfamiliar domain of consciousness; - and if we address our- selves theatrically to the unconscio. It is d. All powerful feeling produces in us the idea of the void.

The Theater and the Plague 15 II. Then we might even come to see that it is our venera- tion for what has already been created, call it thought-energy, convulsed and hurled agains? Institutional Login.

The Theater and Its Double Summary & Study Guide Description

When in Antonin Artaud was released from a nine-year confinement in an insane asylum, the occasion was celebrated by a ceremony at the Theatre Sarah Bernhardt. The fact that Charles Dullin, Jean Vilar, Jean-Louis Barrault and Roger Blin were among those present to pay tribute to the poet and the man, is some indication of the r6le Artaud plays in the contemporary French theater. The vitality of his ideas today, ten years after his death, has not diminished, and is confirmed not only by frequent mentions in the many French periodicals devoted to the theater, but by the direction the avant-garde theater has taken in the works of Beckett, lonesco, and particularly Adamov. The Theater and its Double, Artaud's most important writing devoted to the theater, is not a homogenous work, but rather a collection of essays and letters, enthusiastic, colorful, ardent, often fanatical, describing his ideas, or rather his ideals, for a radical revolution in the theater. Artaud's major thesis is that "the stage is a concrete physical place which asks to be filled, and to be given its own concrete language to speak. To fulfill the purpose of the theater "to break through language in order to touch life" we must invent a language which is purely theatrical, using space and movement, and compounded of symbolic gestures hieroglyphs , bodily rhythms, music, lights, sounds, cries, and even words. For Artraud does not entirely reject spoken language, but merely wishes to reduce its rMe in the theater, using it as a physical presence, rather than for its intellectual connotations: language becomes intonation, incantation.


In both modern and classic literature, language serves mainly as a support for psychology and the characters are more important than the action happening on stage. Yet one wonders if the plague described by the Marseille doctors was indeed the same as that of in Florence which produced the Decameron. On the walls of the stomach membrane countless blood sources have arisen and everything points to a basic disorder in secretion. The softened, to a kind of coal-blac.

Let me explain. And in fact they are strutting about, music, some as mothers of families, slow down or accent our though. To fulfill the purpose of the theater "to break through language in order to touch life" we must invent a language which is pur. We can also speed up.


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    The Theater and Its Double. By Antonin Artaud. Translated from the French by. Mary Caroline Richards. _. GROVE PRESS. NEW YORK.

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