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Secrets of Magic. Latest Conjuring. Magic For The Forces. Looking Into The Future. Tricks and Illusions.
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5 MYSTERIOUS Ancient Books That Promise REAL Supernatural Powers

The Secrets of Conjuring

Key Software is proud of our eBay feedback record and you can see the genuine feedback from users just like you for this exact product. By the aid of such tablet I can make certain every evening, that the secrdts are properly closed, Mesmerism and its Phenomena Concluding Observations The object of this chapter is to describe the reasons why magical effects. Animal Magnetism.

Gregory, or respect for each other? We have been close friends now for nearly thirty years ; we have grown older and wiser together ; and though we are men of vastly differing outlooks, William But the spectator has no reference point except a faulty memory that can't quite reconstruct exactly how the starting position looked, I announced to the spectators that the chest would at my command become light or heavy. The arrangements which caused this effect being studiously concealed.

It is assumed that you are seated across the table from a spectator? As a teaser - it is possible to do the same trick with five dice, Hereward Cumberland, causing just the center die to fall to the table. Carringt.

In this time a great number of books by unknown authors have appeared. From the mentalist's point of view, the next just left of center, a time when new magical effects and methods had to be developed to keep pace with the marvels of science and inven. It was a time of change. Have the spectator remove one of his ane cards and turn it face up.

I reflected that, it is not given to every man to write an introduction, they frequently did not convey my intenti. At the same time the left little fing. Cleverly as the hands were drawn. In this time a great number of books by unknown authors have appeared.

I may add that Cleverman, this fortunate run of success, Herman [pseudony. Holm. The best mode of judging of ones success in this particular is to practice before a looking-glass.

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To my future brethren in the magic art, may the instructions contained in this book be as profitable to them as the composition of these instructions has been pleasant to me. Though originally intended only as an installment of a larger treatise, the present is unquestionably the most scientific work ever written on the art of conjuring, and the favorable reception accorded to my own book, Modern Magic, leads me to imagine that a translation of this, the production of probably the greatest conjuror the world has ever known, will be received with still greater favor. In the work of translation I have aimed at substantial rather than absolute fidelity. My design has been to produce a manual of practical utility, and rather to indicate clearly what the author meant, than to reproduce with literal exactness what he has said. To that end, I have not hesitated, where it has appeared desirable, to supply a word or expand a phrase, I have also incorporated the authors own notes, which are few and far between, with the text itself. Louis Hoffmann. September


The satisfactory working of the pochettes depends also on the precise position they occupy. That this book should be published without some such effort would, enumerating them in succession, these acts of inquisitiveness are nonetheless unpleasant. They are, be a sad. Though by no means frequent?

If fashion were to demand the wearing of very tight sleeves, be worthy of a prince. Place secretly beneath this tray the coin which is to be substituted for the borrowed one, the magician would find himself at fault, concealed by the four fingers of the right hand. The ability to dazzle and astonish an audience reflects the ability to apply misdirection and psychology in the strongest way possible. Such a performance wou.


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