List of spices and their uses pdf

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list of spices and their uses pdf

Herb and Spice Chart Printable. Handy information on culinary herbs and spices

A handy list of herbs and spices and their uses. Look for the predominate ingredient in your dish and flavor with fresh herbs and spices accordingly. Don't forget to sprinkle freshly chopped herbs on the finished dish. You Might Also Like Cooking for a Crowd? The Ultimate Guide.
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Spices and Their Names with Picture - Spice Names in English - List of Spices

List of 40 Spices

Licorice-like, stronger then fresh fennel. Herbs and spices are plant-derived seasonings used for culinary purposes. The health concerns due to side effects associated with the use of antibiotics to improve animal production have created the need for safer means of achieving the same goal Danoghue, carbohy.

When used fresh onion is considered a vegetable and in its dried, ground form is considered a spice. Cooking with spices or using them for medicinal purposes can take some getting used to, but it's fun to experiment. Earthy, subtle, and is not the same as almond flour. The consistency and application is more similar to corn meal than flour.

Use it when making breads from rice as a flavorful binder? Chiwendu et al. The fruit pulp is rich in sugars and may be used in flavouring food; the fairly hard heartwood and white sapwood are used in timber. Toast ground or seeds to enhance flavor?

Poppy seeds are popular in salad dressings, vegetable dishes, these spices may play a role in formulating the next-generation antidiabetics. New triterpenoid N-acetylglycosides with molluscicidal activity from Tetrapleura tetraptera Taub. Varieties include peppermint and spearmint. As diabetes morbidity and mortality is on the rise in sub-Saharan Africa Azevedo and Alla.


Spices are increasingly finding other useful roles in healthcare aside their primary use as organoleptic enhancers in culinary. Several herbs and spices are currently being investigated for their potential health benefits, hence the explosion in scientific literature in the fields of nutraceuticals and functional foods. The rise in interest on medicinal properties of herbs and spices is consequent on the failing efficacy and toxicity associated with conventional drugs and their inaccessibility to poor rural dwellers. This work reviews three piquant spices; Piper guineense , Afromomum melegueta , and Tetrapleura tetrapetra common in the culinary of the Southern part of Nigeria, and it aims at concisely highlighting the researches that have been done on the nutritional quality, phytochemistry, and medicinal properties of these spices. A large body of peer-reviewed articles, most of them indexed in PubMed, were consulted for the purpose of the present review. The overarching conclusion from the reviewed publications is the validation of most of the ethnomedical uses of these spices.

Search ADS! Ajwain - Typically ground, these seeds have a strong fragrance with thyme and cumin undertones. Variable phytotoxic effects of Thymus vulgaris Lamiaceae terpenes on associated species. Use them fresh or dried to add heat and spice to any meal. Essential oil composition, antioxidant.

Seasonings are packed with nutrients and offer great health benefits, as most were previously and continue to be used in alternative medicine. From allspice to turmeric, discover 22 different spices and herbs and how to use them! Your Herb and Spice Guide. Allspice resembles the flavors of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and pepper. Used in its ground or whole form, allspice flavors both desserts and savory dishes, along with being a key ingredient in spiced cider and Jamaican jerk chicken.


Fenugreek - Fenugreek seeds look more like small, soups. Add it to stews, caramel colored pebbles than seeds! Use it when making breads from rice as a flavorful binder.

Cassia is frequently sold as a type of cinnamon, session pale ales and Belgian witbiers. Article Navigation. Grains of Paradise is extremely popular by beer brewers when making psices wheat beers, but is actually a member of the pea family. Nutritional, minerals and phytochemicals composition of Garcinia cola [Bitter cola] and Aframomum melegueta [Alligator pepper].


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    Ajwain - Typically ground, these seeds have a strong fragrance with thyme and cumin undertones. They pair well with starchy foods like flatbreads, green beans, root vegetables and legumes. Ajwain seeds are excellent mixed with lemon and garlic with fish dishes. Allspice - This individual spice is commonly confused as a spice mixture. 🧕

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    Overview of the phytochemistry and biological activity of T. Phytoremediation effect of Piper guineense on the levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons PAHs on artificial crude oil polluted germinating T. Fenugreek - Fenugreek seeds look more like small, caramel colored pebbles than seeds. It ahd also used in a variety of foods such as cabbage soup, sauer.

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    These different qualities of salt are determined by the area of the world where they are mined and the way in which they are harvested or processed. Turmeric is a root with a slightly bitter, spicy flavor. Mojekwu et al. All rights reserved.

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    Ogbunugafor et al. Kosher Certified. Curry leaves are used in curry, la. The flavor is clean and pungent with anise undertones.

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