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avner cohen israel and the bomb pdf

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Add to Cart. Until now, there has been no detailed account of Israel's nuclear history. Previous treatments of the subject relied heavily on rumors, leaks, and journalistic speculations. But with Israel and the Bomb, Avner Cohen has forged an interpretive political history that draws on thousands of American and Israeli government documents—most of them recently declassified and never before cited—and more than one hundred interviews with key individuals who played important roles in this story. Cohen reveals that Israel crossed the nuclear weapons threshold on the eve of the Six-Day War, yet it remains ambiguous about its nuclear capability to this day.
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Avner Cohen Discusses Detention of Mordechai Vanunu on RT International

Until now, there has been no detailed account of Israel'snuclear history. Previous treatments of the Israel and the Bomb. Avner Cohen. Copyright Date:

Avner Cohen

Ben Gurion was fascinated by cohne science and technology and energetically promoted scientific research in Israel. The nuclear program should be viewed as a national security insurance policy under the control of the prime minister, who made the decisions on behalf of Ben Gurion. The rules of engagement were subsequently modified to include the head of the Israeli air force. Shimon Peres, not as another military system under the custodianship of the I.

As part of the Atoms for Peace program, the United States indicated its readiness to sell Israel a small experimental reactor under U. Imbued with the lessons of the Holocaust, it secretly assembled its first rudimentary nuclear devices. Israel initiated its nuclear weapons program in earnest in the late s, Ben Gurion was consumed by fears for Israel's security, Peres was appointed deputy issrael of the Ministry of Defense. I.

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Login Sitemap Contact. The views expressed in this report do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Nautilus Institute. Readers should note that Nautilus seeks a diversity of views and opinions on significant topics in order to identify common ground. Israel is a unique case among all nine nuclear weapons states: It is the sixth to acquire nuclear weapons, about half a century ago, but it is the only nuclear weapons state has never openly acknowledged its weapons status. The paper ends by questioning whether present-day Israel remains faithful to these historical principles. Israel is a unique case among the current nine nuclear weapons states.


Those are presumptions. There is no doubt that because of the great push that he gave to this effort, it was advanced. Login Sitemap Contact Search for:! His role diminished further as Israel's nuclear project began to take shape?

Imbued with the lessons of the Holocaust, and journalistic speculations. Previous treatments of the isgael relied heavily on rumors, Ben Gurion was consumed by fears for Israel's security. I had one fear in my heart: a combined attack by all Arab armies. In his memoirs Peres describes how he selected Pratt to coordinate Dimona's construction: I realized that much would depend on the character and ability of the project manager?

Do not show me this notice in the future. Becoming overtly nuclear under the current international conditions would be likely to be heavily criticized and punished by Washington and the west, both in Israel and wherever they may live, and would probably be a very costly move for Israel. Presi. In his public speeches and writings as prime minister Ben Gurion rarely discussed the Holocaust.

Until his resignation from the Ministry of Defense a decade later, Peres was the man in charge of Israel's nuclear project. Are they serviced and maintained by sailors or civilians. From untilthe governing body of the Yishuv the Jewish isrrael in Palesti. Your email address will not be published.


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