Small engine care and repair pdf

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small engine care and repair pdf

Small Engine Care & Repair: A Step By Step Guide To Maintaining Your Small Engine by Daniel London

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Published 11.05.2019

How To Do a Small Engine Tune Up

Find Your Operator's Manual

Assignment 1: Find the Toolbox, and do an inventory using the handout sheet. Use the information and diagrams to assist you. A primer is used to help start a cold engine. Ijay Anx.

Friction is the resistance to motion created when one dry surface rubs against another. There are 2 bolts to remove engune the muffler. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. It is standard equipment on most small engine applications today and has greatly improved the reliability of these engines.

Successfully reported this slideshow. The job is not done but the mower is out of gas. Title Page: Small Gas Engines and a picture of zmall engine. Movement of the piston down in the cylinder then rotates the crankshaft.

Reduced friction between moving parts b. Put on the rod cap and tighten the bolts as describe in the next carw. List 8 conditions that could effect the proper functioning of the spark plug. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads.

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They consist of carbon monoxide and other gases. Successfully reported this slideshow. No notes for slide! Take a look at illustrations below for extra assistance.

Outdoor Power Equipment Institute. They could burn your skin c. After combustion, its downward movement rotates the crankshaft. Group Activities with Start Your Engine!

Discover everything Scribd has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers. Explain the meaning of the word horsepower as it relates to the amount of work done. Every year b. Use the information and diagrams to assist you.

Two Cycle. Title Page: Small Gas Engines and a picture of the engine On each page include a name, a picture and an explanation of each part that makes up the system. George Domusciu? They measure very small spaces precisely. Some petroleum companies offer a mid-grade option as well.

Youth also learn about occupational possibilities and about starting their own business. Youth tear down and rebuild an engine, use diagnostic tools, research rules and regulations about using small engine machines and select replacement engines. Learning skills for life: Each activity has a life skill which is provided. Development characteristics of youth: The characteristics of the three grade levels are described to provide the helper with improved understanding how these youth learn. Community service: The benefits of the learner doing something with small engine equipment in the community are provided.


Now the tank should lift off easily. Magneto-Powered Ignition System: A magneto uses magnetism to supply electricity in ignitions where there is no battery. Careers B. The liquid gasoline must be mixed with air in the proper proportions for an engine to run and this is done so in the carburetor.

Embed Size px. There are 2 bolts to remove on the muffler. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. It is used for bolts that have to tightened with a specific amount of force.

If available, watch the Briggs and Stratton Video on Carburetors 15 minutes and answer these questions or Google the questions : 1. How new should gas be. Two Cycle. A TCI uses transistors, resistors.

While the shaft rotates, it deflects oil throughout the crankcase. Now the value will slide out once the tool is released. Jameel Khan. Cools the internal parts of the engine c.


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