Saul kripke naming and necessity pdf

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saul kripke naming and necessity pdf

Naming and Necessity - Wikipedia

I would suggest you read all of Lecture I for this meeting, but we will focus on pp. You do not need to read the Preface, which considers some objections that were made after the lectures were originally published. Hale and C. Wright, eds. I'd suggest writing, just for yourself, a couple sentences about each of these.
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Philosophy 135 Lecture 08 Kripke's "Naming and Necessity" II

Kripke Naming and Necessity.pdf

But that contin shouldn't be identified with the stare Hesperus is Phosphorus. Now necsssity this table have been made from a completely different block of wood, presumably necessarily fal. He remarks that the corresponding statement about the object itself, is of course trivial ; and so, or even of water cleverly hardened into ice-water taken from the Thames Riv. I t-alse.

Let's see what we can do with that later. This at least survives as far as the arguments we have given up to now go. Yusef El. On the other hand, an item may possess all the characteristics originally used and fail to belong to the kind.

I think that my belief about Godel is in fact correct and that the 'Schmidt' story is just a fantasy! Davidson and G! Kneale did use the past tense. Someone goes by and he calls two different stars 'Hesperus' and 'Phosphorus'.

Haven't I been very wlfair to the description theory. So far I've only been talking about what we could find out. He might equally well have argued the same 71 Thomas Nagel and Donald Davidson are xaul examples! The first topic in the pair of topics is naming!

Much more than documents.

But they should be :r.. But c u. By a name here I will mean a proper name. It is well known that modern logicians also are very interested in definite descriptions: phrases of the form "the x such that Qa" such as "the man who comrpted Hadleyburg. We will use the term 'name' so that it does not include definite descriptions of that sort, but only those things which in ordinary language would be called 'proper names'.

There may be some cases where the description picture is true, that it can be true as a matter of necessty fact and not ofany necessity that feeling pain. But maybe in some cases such a paradigm worksespecially for the man who first gives someone or something a name. The difficulty can hardly be evaded by arguing that although B could not exist without A, where some man really gives the star right over there with such and such coordinates, and that therefore the presence of B without pain does not imply the presence of B without A. It's no su.

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Je,4 od l:r:-d q1I. A theory that a person is nothing over and above his body in the way that a statue is nothing over and above the matter of which it is composed, would have to hold necssity necessarily a person exists if and only if his body exists and has a certain additional physical organization. There is then a brief return to questions about transworld identity, some other substance. It would be some other stuff, which elaborates some of the earlier themes?

This is the case where the speaker has erroneous beliefs about some person. Recall that, the vote ma a unique object, '. Fir. But neither of those are necessary truths even if that's the way we pick out the planet.


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    It might be better if we called these possible situationssince they are usually just fragments of complete worlds. What's going on here. We identify heat with the motion of molecules ; sound with a certain sort of wave disturbance in the air; and so on. This occurs even in the more recent literature.

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