Transmission media questions and answers pdf

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transmission media questions and answers pdf

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How many numbers of addresses are usable for addressing in a Class C network? Answer: c. The number of addresses usable for addressing specific hosts in each network is always 2 power N - 2 where N is the number of rest field bits, and the subtraction of 2 adjusts for the use of the all-bits-zero host portion for network address and the all-bits-one host portion as a broadcast address. Thus, for a Class C address with 8 bits available in the host field, the number of hosts is Class A 0. Class B
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Multiple choice questions on Networking topic Transmission Media. Practice these MCQ questions and answers for preparation of various competitive and.

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Without a pseudo tty, no connection can take place. It also handles both control and error messages. A gateway sends the data between two dissimilar networks, while a router sends the data between two similar networks? We will help you to explore the resources of the World Wide Web and develop your own skills from the basics to the advanced.

Get in Touch with us. To reduce attenuation, repeaters are used to boost the signal strength. Transmission of data using radio frequencies is called radio-wave transmission. Bank Preparation.

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Types of Wired/Guided Media in Network - Twisted Pair, Co-axial and Fibre Optics Cable

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Popular in Science And Technology. BGP is the routing protocol that runs the Internet. It is capable of performing complex actions and use the procedural languages full throttle. But the the subnet mask is It is a kind of virtual database used to manage the devices in a network.

Choose the letter of the best answer in each questions. What is the major factor that makes coaxial cable less susceptible to noise than twisted-pair cable? Learn more about Scribd Membership Bestsellers. Read Free For 30 Days. Much more than documents.


Answer:- As Saurabh said; we can use static and Dynamic Routing in one network. A fully specified passive open has the server waiting for a connection from a specific client. Current Affairs Latest January Packet-switched networks enable end stations to dynamically share the network medium and the available bandwidth.

And also is there any method to send data in such a way Read More Answers. VLAN's break up broadcast domains in layer 2 switch network. Answer:- ui Nobody uses either of those protocols anymore. This is among the very commonly asked networking interview questions.


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    O Answer:- Please share your answers. However Dyanmic Routing is used to have the best path no matter what the status of the physical links. You cannot remember many website ip address at same time. Online Test.🧙

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    Why Communication Systems ECE Questions and Answers Required?

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    Transmission media Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), transmission media quiz answers pdf 1, learn networking for online CCNA certification courses.

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    This Data Communication and Networking – Transmission Media Multiple choice Questions and Answers (MCQ) PDF covers the below lists of topics.

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    In this section of Data Communication and Networking – Transmission Media MCQ (multiple choice) Based Short Questions and Answers,it cover the below lists.

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