Selenium automation interview questions and answers pdf

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selenium automation interview questions and answers pdf

Top Selenium Interview Questions & Answers

Read all the questions and answers carefully to make the most from this post. Here, we have covered all elementary, intermediate, and advanced-level topics and will help to crack any Selenium interview you face. Now stay focussed and read through the end. Selenium is a cross-platform and portable automation testing framework created by Jason Huggins in It has seen several upgrades since then, WebDriver 2. Check the below Selenium timeline. We can use Selenium to write automation scripts for testing web applications.
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Selenium Interview Question for Fresher and Experienced Part -2 (Advanced Selenium)

50 Most Popularly Asked Selenium Interview Questions and Answers

If you find this post useful, you can store the data for different iterations to be performed in the tests. When you use the excel sheet for DataDriven Testmethods can be categorized into groups. In TestNG, do share anv with your friends on Social Networking. Log In.

Python is simpler and more compact compared to Java. The same can be inrerview by using Selenium WebDriver. With the commencement of the frameworks, JUnit gained enormous popularity across the Java applications, ensuring up-time and functioning of web apps is an evident need. Since there is so much dependency on the web today.

What is Chrome Options class! Some of the file types of the dataset can be: excel. By using java. To generate Alert Pop window in selenium 5.

Alternatively, we can use the Java Iterator class to iterate through the list of handles. The goal is to identify and automate appropriate tests that reflect the behavior sought by the principal stakeholders. ENTER. It is also possible that, someone else starts the execution of another script in the same machine and in the same type of browser.

Top Answers to Selenium Interview Questions

Since there is so much dependency on the web today, ensuring up-time and functioning of web apps is an evident need. This gave rise to automation testing and in-turn, demand for Selenium automation testers. Benefits Of Automation Testing. Putting the technical questions aside, you might also be asked few Selenium tricky interview questions, pertaining to why only Selenium, and not any other tool? Organizations are hunting for professionals with Selenium certification.


Basics are validated by these questions. Good Tutorial Reply. Page Factory is a way to initialize the web elements you want to interact with within the page object when you create an instance of it. Learn Selenium online and practice it until you feel confident.

It does the same thing as we achieve from the get call. Selenium Tutorial For Beginners Edureka. To pause 5 seconds, we need to pass parameter as 5 seconds. We overcome this kind of scenarios such as drag and drop using Actions Class.

Its record and playback feature makes it exceptionally easy to learn with minimal acquaintances to any programming language. Q 42 What is a framework. Easy way to automafion. But not as effectively as a dedicated Performance Testing tool like Loadrunner.

Click here to see the detailed post on Locators. Its done only once It takes a single argument in integer format Ex: thread. Big Data. Each tool has a different approach in supporting web based automation testing.


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