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lost and the damned pdf

Warhammer 40K - Extra - Army List - Lost and the bi-coa.org - [PDF Document]

Embed Size px x x x x An army of the Lost and the Damned represents acombined force of Chaos featuring all of these elements. Their armies are ofteninsane personal creations pursuing a path of strategy and tactics whichdefies rational military explanation. Their followers may bedisciplined and well armed, backed with prodigious amounts ofarmour and firepower or a teeming horde of primitively armedmutants, monsters and daemons. The seemingly insane, unpredictableassaults of such Chaos forces are a nightmare for strategic plannersand lowly troopers alike. This list will work perfectly well just using it as an adjunct to Codex: Chaos Space Marines. Notes: Units of Traitor troops taken as compulsory choices on the force organisation chart must be maximum strength.
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Lost & the Damned Realms of Chaos: Nurgle, Emperor Fluff

Extensive descriptions of the antagonistic Chaos gods Tzeentch and Nurgle for 1st edition Warhammer Fantasy Role-play.

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The reason I mention this is because it offers a good explanation as to why I like the Realm Of Chaos books so much. In many ways they are predictable and follow the cliches and paths set by authors like Tolkien but in many other ways they are completely original. For me the concept of Chaos is perhaps the most original thing about the fiction and it encapsulates everything that I love about it. Considering that the hobby is aimed at kids in terms of starting out anyway Chaos is pretty intense, especially in the Horus Heresy books. Think about the Emperors Children — having wild ass orgies, smearing shit all over, cutting each other up and that! Rick Priestley on the length of time it took for the books to be published. The idea of the book is to give stats and background on troops to use in 40k, WFB and Warhammer Roleplaying.


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    The insane gods of Chaos have many, many servants; daemons large and small, mortal slaves which inhabit the Daemon worlds and give endless praise to their dark masters through toil, bloodshed and sacrifice and the Chaos Space Marines, ever wilful and ever the most favoured of all. An army of the Lost and the Damned represents a combined force of Chaos featuring all of these elements. Such forces will be commanded by powerful Chaos Space Marines, Daemon princes or some other great Demagogue, Traitor or Arch Heretic whos caught the eye of the Chaos powers. 😥

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