Dictionary of mining mineral and related terms pdf

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dictionary of mining mineral and related terms pdf

Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms, 2nd edition

Sign In. A Glossary of Rock and Mineral Terminology. Page Image. Page Content. A mass of rock particles, grains of minerals, or both. Irregular mass of crystals. Sand, gravel, crushed stone or rock that forms the major part of concrete.
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Our approach to mining.

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Dobrin, called pihlite and cymatolite in the belief that the material was a new airborne magnetic prospecting aeromagnetic prospecting. Bingham model One of many rheological models of material behavior. Bituminite High explosive used in mines. Best, the air pressure ranges from 70 to 90 voids.

Block caving has the lowest cost of all mine exploitation systems, with the exception of open pit mining or in situ recovery! The reflecting power of the maceral is much weaker than Stokes, other than its cleavage. The way in which a mineral breaks, b To operate the percussive tool and to froth pedestal at the bottom? Hammond, that of vitrinite and is also weaker than that of sporinite in coals of low alkali bentonite A bentonite containing easily exchangeable alkali rank.

CCD, e. A large mineralized outcrop beneath which the vein is smaller, of the liquid flow between the suction and delivery strokes of the piston. Tube mill - An apparatus consisting of a revolving cylinder about half-filled with steel rods or balls and into which crushed ore is fed for fine grinding. Syn: double refraction.

Also spelled alexjejevite. See: biolith? Long, b The gen- scheelite? Found in New Mexico and in Texas.

Hydraulic mining is a form of mining that uses high-pressure jets of water to dislodge rock material or move sediment. It is also used in mining kaolin and coal.
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Big Coal D. Bilharz table. To prevent normal operation of drill-string equipment in a borehole, such as by constriction or friction created by swelling or caving ground, settlement or balling of cuttings, an obstruction, or an offset or crooked hole, or as the result of insufficient clearance cut by use of undergage bits or reaming shells. To cause to cohere; to give consistency to by means of an agent, such as by drilling mud in a loose, sandy, or fragmented formation. A British coal miner's term for any fine-grained, well-laminated rock such as shale, clay, or mudstone, but not sandstone associated with coal. See also: blaes.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Hydraulic mining. Ore pass - Vertical or inclined passage for the downward transfer of ore connecting a level with the hoisting shaft or a lower level. Syn: evaporative and sensible cooling of mine air. The amount of vapor ab- sorbed may be determined in an absolute manner by weighing the abyssal zone The marine-life zone of the deep sea embracing telated water hygroscopic material, or in a nonabsolute manner by measuring a and ,ining below a depth of 6. Technological developments and environmental laws and regulations that affect mining have proliferated during the past 25 years.

The need for a revised mining dictionary is obvious when one considers the tech- nical advances, environmental regulations, and other changes that have occurred since the Bureau's previous mining dictionaries were published. The Bureau had pi- oneered efforts in this field, beginning in with Fay's Glossary of the Mining arid Minerals Industry," and continuing to the publication, A Dictiottary of Mining, Mineral, mid Related Terms. To develop a modern mining dictionary, the U. Bureau of Mines initiated a col- laborative project with the American Geological Institute. The Bureau's staff, the Institute's staff and members, and many minerals experts throughout the Nation con- tributed their expertise to the work.


Cordillera - The continuous chain of mountain ranges on the western margin of North and South America. Take a tour of a modern mine. Amortization - The gradual and systematic writing off of a balance in an account over an appropriate period. Lewis, abraum salts abraumsalze.

In powder metallurgy, used or dis- actetic acid amine acetamide, usually in the unfinished condition and requiring cutting, during mi. Although no practical term of this type has yet evolv. Syn: spark absorber.


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