Best audiobooks for family road trips 2018

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best audiobooks for family road trips 2018

Best Audiobooks for Family Road Trips that Kids AND Parents Enjoy

It's Jason from Carltonaut's Travel Tips. Long road trips can be fun. They can also make you question why you thought confining your kids into a set spot for hours on end was a good idea. We've also listened to some audiobooks that were terrible. A good audiobook about more than the story. The narrator makes a big difference. Some are very engaging.
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Road Trip by Gary Paulsen Cool Reads

Last year, I completed an epic road trip with my kids. We drove km miles from Sydney to Townsville Australia.

The Most Riveting Family Audiobooks

Led by the noble Flavia and her band of child detectives, this series details real and fictional accounts of Roman history. Totally agree. Amazing world-creating…Read: Good for everybody but the driver. She is the author of the thetravellingmom.

You might also like:. If you're looking for a fun, say it is instead of reading to see how it goes. Apollo needs help, upbeat book… this isn't the one for you.

Every sensual experience is described in great details; from the taste of faerie fruit to the feel of rich fabrics, and the smell of every room you step into. It sure beats having to listen to the same animated movie for the thousandth time. I second the James Herriot stories; they are my favorite for road trips. Want to inspire faamily and learning before hitting the road.

No surprise there. I think the idea of getting them audiobooks is a great idea. Four kids are brought together after a bullying attack ends with one of them down a well. Carter then teams up with familyy of his fellow kid magicians to battle a crew of crooked and greedy carnival workers.

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Looking for the Reading Log? Grab it here! This is a do not miss. Full review here. The Bartimeus Trilogy by Jonathan Stroud This series was a complete lucky accident — Bart and I were heading on a road trip in our childless days and looking through the adult audiobooks and this one had been mis-shelved.

Listen Shop Insiders. This, is historical fiction set in colonial times BUT with fantasy elements such as fantastical creatures can you say, who runs away from his arrogant and dishonest uncle. British actress Kate Harper gets the voices just right and makes the multilayered narrative clear and coherent. This format makes it more intriguing to listen to and also keeps it crystal clear what thought belong to who. The story follows a street magician named Carter.

This year Compass Book Ratings is the beneficiary of my horrible commute! With many hours on the road, I finally broke down and purchased an Audible subscription for the year. Although the below recommendations are grouped by age, I think almost all of the titles are fabulous enough to charm an eight-year-old or an eighty-eight-year old. You may just find yourself adding another roadtrip to your summer just so you can listen to all of the titles. Have a wonderful and safe road trip this summer…and happy listening! This is an award-winning middle grade historical fiction novel. Set during the Great Depression and following a family from Mexico, this is perfect for that Southern California road trip through the Central Valley on your way to Disneyland.


The first in a series so there is more if you are driving all the way across the United States. A guaranteed tearjerker with narration by Frank Muller, one of the great audiobook readers. Any audio suggestions for us. Length: 5 hours 8 minutes.

A young boy suddenly inherits a very well-known confectionery company from his great uncle. Then we learn how someone said no…then she persisted. Share your tips in the comments below. Moving and well told, with plenty of action and excitement.


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