Best books on colombian history

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best books on colombian history

Michael Jacobs's top 10 Colombian stories | Books | The Guardian

A life-long passion for the Hispanic world first led me to Colombia, together with a fascination with the early explorers of the New World, from the conquistadors to the German scientist Alexander von Humboldt. A chance encounter with him at Cartagena de Indias was the catalyst for the river journey that forms the basis of my new book, The Robber of Memories. His presence inevitably dominates the list of books I think of as essential reading for anyone wishing to understand and appreciate Colombia more deeply — a country whose troubled history is balanced by an extraordinary and life-affirming exuberance. The defining novel of "magical realism", and a book that has given rise to so many works of pure whimsy, is a family chronicle revolving around an imaginary village based on the author's native Aracataca. The haunting strangeness of the Colombian interior, as it must have been perceived by the first Spaniards, is beautifully conveyed in the course of a journey in which the village's early settlers encounter a Spanish galleon mysteriously stranded in the middle of a jungle.
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Introducing Colombia

The best books on Colombia: start your reading here

This article contains affiliate links. Another book penned by a prize winning author Colomian Davis won the Samuel Johnson prize in plots the lives and experiences of Richard Evans Schultes and his student Wade Davis in their respective explorations into the Amazon jungle. Return to the Dark Valleythe novel is essentially a psychological thriller focused on the increasingly solitary fate of a disaffected lawyer obsessed with trying to find out about the past of a murdered acquaintance.

However a recent re-read of One Hundred Years of Solitude has changed my mind. Abad experienced violence firsthand beat his father was killed for opposition to war crimes being committed in rural areas in Colombia. Delirium by Laura Restrepo Restrepo is a Colombian novelist whose fiction reflects her work both as a left-wing activist and as an investigative journalist covering issues of human rights and social inequality. You've subscribed succesfully.

Off to Colombia?

10 Book Suggestions for Spanish Students (Beginner and Intermediate)

The way in which the past impinges upon the present is a recurrent theme in the fiction of a Colombian writer whose works explore his country's recent history with profundity and originality? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Subscribe to our newsletter and discover Latin America's most bistory experiences and hidden travel treasures. The wedding and celebration are lavish and expensive. The rest of colombixn book develops into what can be interpreted as a poetic history of Colombia, a country torn apart by an internal conflict that has gone on for so long that no one can remember exactly their reasons for fighting!

And, before you say anything, nothing from the previous list except some Gabo is on this list: check out the previous one for some extra information. Not only offering an excellent plot, and well-written story, the novel also sheds some light on both the early years of the notorious Colombian drug trade, and the exceptionally violent s. Perfect for anyone who loves a good story but also wants to learn more about how Colombia once was. This novel by Laura Restrepo is a wonderful book, told using multiple perspectives, and set in Bogota in the s against a backdrop of violence and the drug trade. A wonderful book for anyone with an interest in Colombian society and history, or who just loves a great travel narrative. Also the author of an excellent history of cocaine, Tom Feiling came back to Colombia in order to write the book that would inform new visitors of the countries past, present and future, and he certainly succeeds.


She also has worked as a left-wing activist and as an investigative journalist covering issues of human rights. Delirium, Agustina, which takes place cllombian the Colombia of the turbulent s. Jeff is the founder and editor-in-chief of Medellin Guru.

This new eBook is the most comprehensive guide yet to the slang and unique features of Colombian Spanish. This is one of my favorite books set in Colombia and I read it while traveling there. This article contains affiliate links. A oboks book for anyone with an interest in Colombian society and history, or who just loves a great travel narrative.


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    Top 10 Books You Need to Read Before Traveling to Colombia

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    Chris on July 29, but can be found in Colombian bookshops easily. The newly published ones might be a bit harder to find abroad, and that its army is one of the worst human rights abusers in the western hemisphere! Feiling points out that Colombia is the worst place in the world to be a trade unionist, covers all bases. Vicki Kellaway on July 29, at ?👨‍🏫

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    Through these four lives, the author paints a picture of a Colombian society battered by war and corruption. Juan was only years-old when his father died. Please check your email to find our more? This means that we may receive a small commission at no cost to you if you subscribe or purchase something through the links provided.

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    Posted by Jeff May 17, Services 2. Also, we looked at 20 Colombia books written by expats. 🕵️‍♀️

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    The 17 Best Books About Colombia: Loss, Love and Perseverance

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