Liferay portal performance best practices pdf

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liferay portal performance best practices pdf

Performance Tuning

Liferay Performance Tuning is aimed to collect one of the most important aspects to deliver user experience of any website or portal with help of performance enhancing tweaks, tips and techniques. We have hereby provided optimization areas and performance tuning tips for Liferay as well as Web, Application and Database layer. Best Practices importance may vary however it is essential to measure various key performance areas including server metrics, tweak configuration based on load tests, and verify that the changes were helpful to achieve optimum performance. This parameter is to allow more than 1 request per TCP connection. MaxKeepAliveRequest sets the maximum number of requests allowed per persistent connection.
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Liferay Web Portal and its benefits

Liferay Portal Performance Best Practices by Samir Bhatt

Virtual Reality. The default is ! ParallelGCThreads: The number of threads to use for parallel garbage collection. This works very well for a short-lived desktop Java application, but is not necessarily the best performer for a long-lived.

Front End Web Development. One Liferay Portal application server can handle 6, concurrent login requests. Samir Bhatt is the right person to write this book. Published Practiices 19th by Packt Publishing first published January 1st .

A step by step instructional on imposing Liferay- dependent portals to profit functionality most sensible practices. Categories Enterprise Technologies. In case a of failure of any web server, the hardware load balancer diverts traffic to working web servers. The book guides you on practicee to define the architecture of Liferay- based solutions to meet performance expectations.

Soft Skills? The Documents and Media Library architecture. The reference architecture ensures that the most important tiers of the solutions are clustered and load balanced to ensure that the system is highly available and fault tolerant. Data Analysis.

To maximize the functionality of your Liferay Portals you want to gather top practices? Other Editions 2. It also talks about the consequences of various architectural options. Cloud Foundry.

The Liferay Portal reference architecture. These are various things the Liferay engineering team has done to increase performance generally. We have enabled caching for JSP. Your Privacy 2?

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Architecture in Load Balancer. Print Performance Best Practices Liferay. Liferay Portal 6. Liferay Portal can even detect specific devices and respond with device-specific content. The Networking tier.


It starts off with the structure and layout top practices and ends with functionality tuning and lLoad checking out top practices. Liferay Portal cluster configuration? They are usually only set in response to actions made by you on our site, adding items to your cart or filling in forms. This is perfectly reasonable for a moderately sized machine or a developer machine.

For an optimized sizing of the web portaal, the author asks about the number of concurrent users at the web site. Allow all Save. When it talks about caching, and you will not find it in Internet, it elaborates on cache settings? Other tips come from one person with experience building big portals.

The Java heap is divided into sections for the young generation, but is not necessarily the best performer for a long-lived, and the permanent generation. This parameter is to allow more than 1 request per TCP connection? This works very well for a short-lived desktop Java applicati. User Experience.

Properties File Changes There are also some changes you can make to your portal-ext. Business Bundles. Web Design. If you have large amounts of memory on your server and your portal is limited by memory, it might make sense to have multiple JVMs with Liferay on a single server.


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    For example, an object could be promoted from the young generation memory pool to the old generation memory pool or from the old generation memory pool to the permanent generation memory pool. Cross Platform Mobile Development. Liferay Portal cluster configuration. If you have arrived at our site via a cashback website, turning off Targeting Cookies will mean we cannot verify your transaction with the referrer and you may not receive your cashback.

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    Liferay Portal Performance Best Practices. Copyright © . Did you know that Packt offers eBook versions of every book published, with PDF and ePub files.

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    Download this Video course in MP4 format DRM FREE - read and interact with your content when you want, and how you want Immediately access your video course for viewing or download through your Packt account. Cloud Foundry. The caching architecture. Many influential sites have been implemented with or have switched to the Liferay portal.🤼‍♂️

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