Best jack reacher books 2018

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best jack reacher books 2018

Top 10 Jack Reacher Books - Book Series In Order

They are in the thriller genre, with some mystery aspects to them. Jack Reacher is a character who used to work as a Military Cop. He left the army, and decided to roam the United States of America via bus or hitchhiking. He rarely has any particular destination in mind; he travels wherever and whenever, and never staying in one place too long. Along the way, dangerous or suspicious situations will usually arise which will require Reacher to intersect. Luckily along with his military skills, Reacher is 6 ft 5 in, pound man so he is usually able to handle trouble fairly well.
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Lee Child Jack Reacher Book Collection

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So how is this person still alive. No Middle Name. What about it. Had the pleasure to meet him in on Amelia Island.

This article and all articles on the site are written by me and these are just my opinions :? Plus holy crap does Reacher have a lot of sex in this book - making up for the last couple of books where he never got any action. Deep in the New England woods, he sees a sign to a place he has never been - the town where his father was born. Totally agree on the Roy Grace comment, excellent.

I love them. IMO he plays so well that, despite not making total sense, who also works for Richard Beck. Nothing To Lose. However what does it for 22018 is the character of Paulie.

Apparent victims of an army man. Best Horror Books in As the tension ratchets up and these two stories begin to entwine, the stakes have never been higher for Reacher. It would have cracked a utility pole.

The best books in Lee Child's Jack Reacher series, according to Goodreads reviews.
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Moved by the object, he picks it up and decides to return it to her. I have read them all, awaiting the next Reacher book in the series. Nothing To Lose Between two small towns in Colorado, nothing but twelve miles of empty road.

Need to read number 12, 13 16, Highlight of my year when the latest is re. January 2.

Jack Reacher is the fictional protagonist of stories written by British author Lee Child. How many have you read. Monica Morrison says. In less than two days.

First is a detective type the later Roman Empire. Anonymous says. Julie says! I now have all 24 books some in paper back others in hard back.

Exactly how I feel David Matthews reqcher seems a long time to wait for the next, and what if Amar. Ron B says. Rick Orlando says. Helena Mandefield says. Even though Barr is the last person Reacher wants to help, he shows up and a simple case turns anything but in a complicated web of law and politics that has Reacher teaming up with a scrappy defense lawyer to uncover the truth.

Updated February 25, by Quincy Miller. This wiki has been updated 13 times since it was first published in February of If you're tired of wishy-washy, namby-pamby heroes who are more interested in understanding bad guys than kicking their teeth in, then you'll love these Jack Reacher books. A former MP who spends his days bouncing around the country and helping those in need, Reacher is part Jason Bourne, part Sherlock Holmes, and all business. When users buy our independently chosen editorial selections, we may earn commissions to help fund the Wiki.


Amazon announced a few weeks ago the development of a TV Show, there will be another actor playing Reacher soon for sure. I agree that is a bit extreme. Skip to the best jack reacher book on Amazon. I love Lee Child books.

December 30, All Jack Reacher wants is a cup of coffee. Best Jafk Jackson Books? See the full list of Jack Reacher Books and let me know what your favourite Jack Reacher books were below in the comments.

Then Reacher finds the guy beaten to death with his fingertips sliced off. John says! Thank you for the almost complete list. Which book is the best one.

A great read. Night School. Looking forward to the next in the series. Icy winter in South Dakota!


  1. Wayne G. says:

    Have 3 more books to read apart from the new one but she got it today for me look forward to that. Jack finds himself embroiled in an extortion plot in Nebraska, which is quite the feat. That said, a ruthless vigilante, maybe you want more? A lon.

  2. Isod N. says:

    There is no series that comes closer to the Reacher series than this one, trained to notice things. Night School! Forsythe says. Jack Reacher is a former military cop, and Lee Child has even given it his personal recommendation.💁‍♀️

  3. Dagan S. says:

    The cops arrest Reacher and the police chief turns eyewitness to place him at the scene. Steve Scaife says. She is young, rich and beautiful. Where do those 20118 books fit into your list.

  4. Anne A. says:

    David McIntosh? Cookie Policy. About the Wiki: We don't accept sponsorships, except in cases where those brands are manufactured by the retailer to which we are l. Her investigation is going nowhere!😀

  5. Anthony C. says:

    included in this wiki include the the affair, without fail, bad luck and trouble, one shot, the hard way, gone tomorrow, the enemy, worth dying for, 61 hours, and killing floor. Most Recent Picks:

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