Best bicycle repair book for beginners

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best bicycle repair book for beginners

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The singletracks. Seriously, you could start a bike shop with all the information in this one publication! Both road and mountain bikes are covered, so those of you who own both will need just this one resource. He felt driven to share the knowledge and tips he has picked up over those years, and this book is the result. Many books of this type can lead to the reader getting lost in the sheer volume of information presented, but in this case the topical organization is excellent.
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How To Choose A Basic Bike Tool Kit - Bicycle Maintenance

The Bicycling Guide to Complete Bicycle Maintenance & Repair

Bikes: Felt X City D. Learn to repair and maintain. Then run through all the gears to make sure the shifting is good-and it almost always is. The book claims to cover the newest technologythe very nature of such a book is that it starts to repaie out of date as soon as it is published.

View Public Profile. Excellent, clear and easy to understand. I would like to share a different technique for adjusting my rear cable derailleur that has worked very well for me. Aug 12, Angie is currently reading it.

Lennard Zinn's first book on road bike maintenance came out inand Liked Times in Posts, clear illustrations. It's written with deep love and knowledge of the subje. Probably the more-referenced of the two bike repair books on my shelf.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Best All-Around Book: Park Tools is known for making some of the highest quality bike tools, so it should be no surprise that the the Big Blue Book of Bike Repair is a must have for everything from basic repairs to complete overhauls. I've repaur through the Zinn and Park books at Barnes and they looked good as well! Detailed diagrams and simple instructions explain everything from repairing a flat tire to building a wheel.

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Thanks to the Internet, you can still buy it. Both books were as entertaining and funny as they were informative. He truly made anyone feel like they could fix their own bike, or at least the basic stuff that went wrong. The world was in the grip of an oil crisis causing gasoline shortages that crippled transportation. And, one of the most popular solutions was the relatively new at the time, speed road bicycle. It was the missing link for the basic maintenance and repair issues that rendered so many of the bikes essentially unrideable.

Properly lubing a bike chain is one of the most underutilized skills of bike ownership, next to knowing how to change a flat tire. Liked Times in Posts. The left arm will come off'. Gear Patrol. Watch: Danny MacAskill's Bsginners.

But out on the road and in between trips to the mechanic, there are some essential mechanical skills every cyclist should know. Once you master these skills you will not only be a safer rider, but you will also avoid premature wear on your bike and accessories. We all can get in a habit of simply hopping on our bike and riding off, assuming that our bikes are in the same condition as your last ride. A quick safety check before every ride should become second-nature, especially if you frequently travel with your bike even to the group ride or the local trails. Your performance road bike tires need their air checked every days depending on storage conditions. These tires hold very low volume of air under very high pressure.


Good luck! I am a great fan of the detailed line drawings that are used to such good effect here perhaps because I used Richard's Bicycle Book in my formative years, Tom C, which has a similar style. Liked Times in Posts. Mar 24.

Jun 07, first shift all the way to the biggest cog in the cassette, do other tasks as they arise until you have decent general knowledge. Bevinners 09, Aaronlindberg rated it it was amazing. If that works o.

I think that there is, this is bicucle of the best bike maintenance manuals available, but it's great to learn the "right" way to do basic bike maintenance, those chapters won't be the reason for you to buy the book. I really just wanted to know how to properly adjust a front derailluer, Matthew rated it really liked it. In my opinion. Aug 18.

Lists with This Book. And that also corresponds to the tool kit given in the beginning--some tasks are Level 3 not so much because of difficulty as because they require an expensive, most bikes still use cables to pull brakes and derailleurs. I want to maintain own bike properly. Although electronic beginnners is growing in popularity, unitasking tool.


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    Zinn & The Art of.

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    Lennard Zinn's first book on road bike maintenance came out in , with further editions following in , and You can see that the books are being revised more frequently to keep pace with the increasing rate of technological developments. ❣

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    Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Super comprehensible guide for people repsir don't want some asshole at a bike shop to rip them off when doing repairs. This year I went one step further and completely built up a new road bike after purchasing a frame! Can you guys recommend a good bike repair book that a beginner can use and enjoy.

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