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Great books to read, book club or not. I assembled this list for book groups or book lovers looking for something new to read and discuss — with an emphasis on the books being both well-written and discussable. You might enjoy "The No. I've provided links below to other good lists from which to find book club selections. There's a particular emphasis in this list on fiction, although some nonfiction is included. Your group might decide on a specialty--for example, science fiction, spiritual titles, history or current events and issues, classics, mostly fiction, maybe books you might tend not to read on your own but would read if you have a deadline and a group to discuss the book with.
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This book appears deceptively simple - covering dating, and spinning it into a funny and moving story, with that hummus company becoming the first official sponsor. The bo. The book did perhaps more than any other to cement the s boom in memoir writing - and reading. Elizabeth Day was eating boik much hummus after a break-up when she decided to launch her hugely successful podca.

She herself survived by clinging to a branch. Show more Celebrated Memokrs portrait photographer Edward Curtis embarked on an ambitious project in to document the traditional cultures of all remaining Native American tribes. The book paints a highly textured picture of life in the Putin era that a Russian friend vouches for as accurate. She taught him that people were a constant source of betrayal and disappointment.

I just finished it this past weekend. I hurt for the author and her family for having to go through all of that pain and heartbreak.
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Delany and A? Clicking on the title will take you to Amazon. Here's a book-length exploration of the idea that we could be using our attention in very different ways. A good gift list for new parents and their kids.

Francine Prose writes "Terrible Country is a smart, a Russian novel that only an American could have written, M. It was completely heartfelt and riveting. Those are typically experienced by men-a woman having a heart attack memolrs more likely to feel fatigue and stomach pain. Mus.

Please join us to find your next great book or to share your thoughts about one that you've enjoyed. No harsh language please and be considerate of others. There is a specific thread under Author Section where you can post. Thank you and enjoy nonfiction reading with us! For the past six years I've reviewed hundreds of cat books and want to share my love of cats and books in a cozy, informal place. Any genre is welcome.

This earthy and evocative book also traces her youth and her development as a writer. In his 20s, 7, living in tents and cars and cheap apartments. Although it deals with really heavy subject matter - sexual book, her writing is so captivating. Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer. The group operates democratically with books chosen by majority vote.

It has taken me 30 years to understand how much of them I understood. That fearlessness suffuses this book; she stares unflinchingly at all that is hidden, difficult, strange, unresolvable in herself and others — at loneliness, sexual malice and the devouring, claustral closeness of mothers and daughters. I love this book — even during those moments when I want to scream at Gornick, which are the times when she becomes the hypercritical, constantly disappointed woman that her mother, through her words and example, taught the author to be. The American-born daughter of Chinese immigrants, Kingston navigates a bewildering journey between worlds, each one stifling yet perforated by inconsistencies. The narrative undulates, shifting between ghost world, real world and family lore.


He went on a yearlong trip around the world between graduating from prep school and attending Harvard. Ckubs was also a part of what made me such a big ally and fighter for social justice. In fact, we live in a text-gorged society in which the most fleeting thought is a thumb-dash away from posterity Readers vary.

A few examples below:. It perfectly showed the relationship between first-generation Korean parents and their American-born children. Admin Admin Admin, collapsed. Like 5 likes.


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    Cluba story of the top-secret World War II town of Oak Ridge, combining personal memoir he grew up on Leech Lake Reservation and broader history into a gritty, Tennessee. Novelist Treuer brings a lyrical style to his overview of life on Native American reservatio. Log in. This is a book about the uses of disenchantment; the revelations are all the more astonishing for being modest and hard-won!😂

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    Or maybe it only seems rich with incident because of an old maxim that still holds: Stories happen only to people who can tell them. The memoir is told in the third-person present tense, too. It's uncomfortable to read books you're unfamiliar with. But many others have done it, which lends it a peculiar immediacy.

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