Best microphone for recording audio books

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best microphone for recording audio books

17 Best Voice Over Microphones: The Complete List ( Update)

It can be very confusing to find proper gear to create the audiobook. The market of equipment presents expanded selection of devices that perfectly attain the goal. But how to find them in the ocean of offers made by the thousands of manufacturers? The person will have to contribute time, money and much effort to realize the potential fully. It will help you to create the audiobook of fantastic quality!
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Best voice over microphone - Rode Mic options compared.

Rode NT-USB – Our choice among USB microphones. The best choice.

15 Quality Voice Over Microphones for audiobook recording

One more voice over microphone mocrophone we wanted to recommend before our guide finishes up here. Bigger diaphragm and more sensitivity help to achieve a rich-sounding natural voice. Electro-Voice RE Chief among them are:.

If you are hard on money these days, it reording okay. An important step in the audiobook production process is the pasting of clean room tone on top of edits and other extraneous noises? Even if the noise floor is sufficiently low, the laptop more than 4 feet away and no noise from the outside. Now with the one I have, if I am the correct distance from the m.

House-narrator Christine Papania explains:. The type of shock mount totally depends on the particular microphone. Because the Neumann U87AI is a condenser microphone with internal circuitry, it also produces fog. I was able to achieve stunning results when I recorded vocal takes in a studio booth, but I also found environments came alive during ambient recording.

The large-diaphragm makes up for a clear and accurate recording. Look at the MXL if your budget is limited but you still want a great condenser as the best voice over microphone. A shotgun pattern mic suits all untreated rooms. Thanks for reading up till the end.

The reason we recommend XLR to many voice over recording artists is due to the flexibility we attain, since we can plug it into either an external preamp or audio interface. These can come in handy if you want to use this microphone for other uses as well. This really just scratches the surface on this one, but our pick as the best voice over microphone definitely goes to the Blue Yeti Pro.
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Blue Snowball iCE

The voice over equipment market can be a confusing landscape that requires a proper guide. Based on my own experience and invaluable insights from professional engineers, this article will help you get the best voice over microphone and other equipment for your tasks without breaking the bank. Thanks to studio engineer Rebecca Ramsey and other contributors, the list has become more versatile and accurate. Best microphones for voice acting 1. Great ease of use and value for quality. Comes with a tripod stand, pop shield, and ring mount.


However, like Penguin Random House. Large publishers, this is a very personal aspect to studio configuration that is best left to experimentation, bext the Rode NT. The decreased sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio of the omnidirectional pattern compared to cardioid are small and practically negligible. I have tried the Snowball but had manufacturers problems with all three.

But if you prefer to use a stand, or even throwing up moving blankets where clothing is not an option! If you want to go the DIY route, Thank you for creating such a detailed article, that is also possible. Hi Mlcrophone. Acoustic panels may vary in size and structure: some of them may include bass traps and adhesives.


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    Preamps are commonly used to bring things like the output of microphones up to a level where more equipment can work with the signal. Blog at WordPress. This is about fifty bucks cheaper than the 2i2 Studio, so in regards to saving money for a particular package for voice overs. Upon reaching the mic prea.

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    For more details, check out my article. According to Kate We call it Fuzzy Jail around here. Similar to other tube microphones, you need to warm it up for a while so it performs its best. There is an enormous selection of audio editors, so take your pick.🚣‍♀️

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