Best raspberry vinaigrette salad dressing recipe

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best raspberry vinaigrette salad dressing recipe

Easy Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing - Good Cheap Eats

For the longest time, I would buy store-bought raspberry vinaigrette, not even thinking about making my own at home. Then one day I made it myself and could not believe how simple it is. Not only is it easy to make, but it is far fresher and brighter in flavour than what you get from the supermarket. Raspberry vinaigrette has such an interesting flavour for a salad dressing. Obviously it is somewhat tart, since the berry itself is, but there is also a hint of sweetness from the honey and it is creamy from the emulsified olive oil. While raspberry vinaigrette is ideal for fresh summer salads, it great any time of year. We have mixed green salads with a light vinaigrette like this multiple times every week.
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How to Make Healthy Balsamic Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing : Unique Recipes

Homemade Raspberry Dressing

Prep Time: 2 minutes? Shallots were a little strong. Recipe Rating. Please read my disclosure policy.

Thank you so much for this recipe. Lisa Bryan - March 15, pm Reply. I can't get over the color of this dressing! This beautiful raspberry vinaigrette dressing has only 5 ingredients raspbergy and they are all things you probably have in your kitchen you might need to pick up raspberries, but I certainly always have them in the summer.

Raspberry Vinaigrette is a showstopper just on fresh lettuce. Most of the dressings I make are included in the recipes for salads, but I have a couple favorite salad dressings here. Keyword: raspberry salad dressing, raspberry vinaigrette dres. Blend up a batch to keep in your fridge to add a sweet and zesty kick to all your summer salads?

Prep Time: 5 minutes. Trackbacks […] Summer Raspberry Vinaigrette, or your favorite dressing for serving […]. Servings: Love everything about this recipe, really so excited to try it.

How to serve it

Course: dressing. While blender is going, remove lid and slowly drizzle in the oil rraspberry allow the vinaigrette to emulsify. Cuisine: American. I love a good raspberry flavoured salad dressing.

Click here to learn more? Tried this recipe. I love baking up a storm and crafting delicious cocktails, and I'm always up for exploring new places, parenting tips. I have a serious sweet too.

Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing is delicious on summer salads and made with fresh raspberries, honey, red wine vinegar, olive oil, sea salt, black pepper, and garlic powder. Salads are so refreshing in the summertime, and the best way to make them a little more exciting is to use a delicious dressing. My husband Matt loves vinaigrette dressings, especially fruity ones, so I usually keep a bottle of this stuff in the fridge in the summer hey, anything that helps us eat more veggies, amirite? Plus, we sometimes like to pick our own berries, and this is a healthy way to enjoy them. Sweet, savory, and irresistibly tangy, this simple Raspberry Vinaigrette dressing is made with fresh raspberries, honey, red wine vinegar, olive oil, and a pinch of sea salt, black pepper, and garlic powder. You can also switch up this recipe by replacing the raspberries with strawberries or blueberries to make other fruit-inspired vinaigrettes.


Lift off the lid some blenders actually have a lid that has a small removable cap - if yours does, just remove that. This bright pink dressing adds a special touch to salads. Notes Nutrition facts are an estimate based on the whole recipe. Slowly pour in the oil.

Brigitta - May 21, am Reply. I could only imagine how great the raspberry flavor tastes with salad. Shallots were a little strong. I used frozen berries.

Just the leafy base, or any other substantial ingredients that you can think of. So perfect for Summer. Melissa Kohl - May 18, pm Reply! Servings: 16 tablespoons.

Emily - March 14, pm Reply. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. If you use a naturally-sweetened jam, something that commercial salad dressings companies do to excess. This dressing is so interesting.


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