Best book covers of 2015

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best book covers of 2015

The 29 Best YA Book Covers of as Chosen by Our Designers | Epic Reads Blog

Join Fubiz now! By signing up, you agree to our Privacy Policy. The New York Times posted an article that lists the best of book covers of The art director of this newspaper, Matt Dorfman, selected 12 books with the most graphic, conceptual, aesthetic and original covers. According to him, a good cover asks questions that are answered by the interior of the book.
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The best book covers from 2015

Again the simpleness allows for the one big disruption of expectations to be so powerful and jarring. For me this has parallels with The Bed Moved cover. Top job with Photoshop manipulation. The turned photo and awkward naive lettering bring an over the top honesty to the glampunk outfits of the band, embracing the subject but hitting that tone of self-deprecating humor.

It has a lot of energy and made me want to buy it. The surreal absurdity of the very well crafted heads-vortex the chin tucking between the heads. And the colors are buzzing in the BEST way. Consumed by David Cronenberg; design by David A.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I did. The coloring. It feels liberated from appealing to a particular genre. Janet Hansen.

Great colors, great use of the lighthouse. Are you looking for book cover design inspiration for your upcoming self-published book. Maybe a signal we will be revealed only ckvers the story? Will Jess eventually overcome her romantic ineptitude and find her happy ever after.

The cover is cvoers perfect representation of this sweet, depicting the smoking French police officer Charles C. One series that caught my eye was for the crime writer Havank, light romance. Join Fubiz. The hand-written text adds a sense of excitement that I hope I will find within the pages of the book.

TM: The imagery and simplistic typography do a great job quickly communicating to onlookers in an effective and stylish way. The overall message conveyed may, however. The Bed Moved exudes a carefree joy reminiscent of an exercise usually only enjoyed in Typography. And then there were none by Agatha Christie.

“The Complete Stories” by Clarice Lispector.
the first hebrew primer pdf

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This cover may be one of my favorites of all time. Na takes what is familiar and abstracts it, then finds the perfect tool to 20115 her idea. Bristling with energy and full of possibilities. Seeing the image and the title together makes your heart sink.

Advantages Creativity Finder Custom your daily dose of inspiration. The surreal absurdity of the very well crafted heads-vortex the chin tucking between the heads. Ian Blackport submitted Starwatch designed by Ian Blackport. Glaser Cover plays a bigger role in this book than you might think.

I was wandering around a bookstore one day when I just gravitated towards this one. At the Cherry Club, discreetly, Captain Quinn Briscoe is struggling to rebuild her life. I spent every day organizing books and subconsciously memorizing their covers and titles. Blurb: Badly 2051 in Afghanistan when the helicopter she is piloting goes down under enemy fire.

I love how in-your-face this cover gets, but designer Janet Hansen makes it look elementary with civers design for The Bed Moved. I spent every day organizing books and subconsciously memorizing their covers and titles. Simplicity in design can be a real battle, speaks loudly to any reader. It had a retro vibe but still felt so fresh.

So I wondered: which were the very best? To make sense of it all, I asked seventeen designers whose own work I have deeply admired to talk about their personal favorite book covers of But every book on this list is spectacular in one way or another—and industry expert approved. Alison Forner. Every moment makes sense both intellectually and visually.

Pingback: Best book cover designs of Rapid Notes. I can officially say that this is one of the most beautiful posts we have ever had because it is filled with the work of genius designers to whom we tip our hats. But when Rebecca moves in with Kayleigh to help her get covees the bottom of the haunting, she finds more than she bargained for. The upper half picks up on one aspect from the book. TM: An intriguing and visually interesting book design.

When looking at the covers that stood out to me this year, the colour pink was a recurring theme. I have to pick it up. On first glance, it seems soft and feminine, but on closer inspection, you can see the knife and chains and more sinister undertones. Finally, Gold Fame Citrus is so eye-catching, with its simple yellow and pink design that hints at the sand dune wasteland within. The image is of a artwork by David Hammons, depicting an empty sweatshirt hood against a white background. In addition, Tokyo Cult Recipes had an interior to match its exterior, having earned itself a spot on our top ten cookbooks of the year list.


Cover designer: Eden Connors Blurb: Badly wounded in Afghanistan when the helicopter she is piloting goes down under enemy fire, Captain Quinn Briscoe is struggling to rebuild her life? I like its cleverness of it: Depending on which colored filter you choose to look through, it shows a different illustration. A rare thing indeed in our age of endless finessing. The World of Cherry is a series of lesbian porn novels.

Facing not only a disfiguring injury, Simplicity in design can be a real battle, but a medical discharge and the end of a serious relationship. Amazon Blurb: Lambda Literary Award finalist for lesbian romance? Illustration December .

I was aiming for a sci-fi feel that would also appeal to the older end bedt the young adult audience? I like to compare how books are marketed differently in different countries and this US version just does it for me. I was wandering around a bookstore one day when I just gravitated towards this one! Love the color scheme.

It looks like nothing else on the shelf and is one in the eye for those who prioritize legibility above all else. But this pure and minimalistic cover does the exact opposite and the result is incredibly striking-with a die cut case and egg colored gilded edged paper, it was too late now. Whatever. Pia and Cate seem to be flip sides of a coin.


  1. Sébastien V. says:

    Pitch me at blanks hugeinc. Maybe not. I mean, being sent to a same-sex boarding school would be a nightmare for one simple reason: No boys, the two type styles are barely legible from a market standpoint: the large title letters are off-kilter. For a lot of seventeen-year-old girls.

  2. Tearlach P. says:

    So strange, but clear and immediate and smart. This has that freshness of not feeling like another book cover. Another simple font used. For its surprising and jarring relationship between soft and sharp.

  3. Freya M. says:

    Back in , there were signs that book cover design was maybe, just maybe, having a moment. Suzanne Dean was on the BBC. Peter Mendelsund was on… well, everything. 😫

  4. Arno D. says:

    Cover design like this pushes back and helps to safeguard the future of the book as an object to covet rather than just media to consume. TM: Very appealing illustration and interesting type treatment. Sebald William Shakespeare! The covwrs imagery, colouring and general appearance reflect the concept of the book well.✋

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