Best vampire book series 2018

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best vampire book series 2018

17 of the Best Vampire Books for Adults

Vampires have been fascinating audiences for decades through movies , TV shows, and even vampire book series. These batty characters are a mainstay when it comes to Halloween , as their personalities can run the gamut between evil and totally charming. No matter their nature, more often than not someone winds up with blood on their fangs had to. There are plenty of scary, entertaining vampire movies out there, but many of these vampire books are the inspiration for the films that keep you up at night. And remember: Never invite a sharp-toothed stranger into your home—especially around October 31! Some might say this is the story that started it all. The tale about the evil that awaits in Count Dracula's castle still sparks various movie and book adaptations today.
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Paranormal / Supernatural Book Recommendations

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The one that started it all, Bram Stoker's Dracula remains a classic to this day. Ashley Miller. Or sign up with an email address! It goes with the topic well and I would recommend it too.

Or sign up with an email address. Thirsty for a sci-fi or fantasy vampire tale. Ian is a master vampire and he vampirre as bad as they come, with the power to go with it! A vampire slayer who can manipulate time, of course.

Also ranked 2 in What vammpire the best books with de. Aldiss What's more bad-ass than a vampire slayer. Two words to describe this: lots of sex and lots of action with a decent plot thrown in. Ashley Miller.

Vampire Academy is a paranormal romance by Richelle Mead. Share your opinion. It goes with the topic well and I would recommend it too. The sixth book in the Anita Blake chronicles, marks the high point in the long-running series.

In this post- Twilight world, it can be hard to sift through the sheer variety of vampire books out there to find ones that satisfy your specific tastes. Do you prefer urban fantasy vampire stories, or ones with a scientific angle? Are you hungry for books with a horror bite, or those that poke a little fun at the genre's tropes?
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Similar Recommendations

Note that many of these books have strong erotic romance elements to them. If you want a general best books with vampires , see the link. Or if you want more general romance fantasy, go to our Romance Fantasy Books List. For even MORE, look at our sister site which has plenty of romance novel recommendations. These books are wildly entertaining and the series keeps on getting better and better. The series blends, to perfection, hardboiled detective fiction and supernatural fantasy.


Stream-of-consciousness narrative Extremely menacing villains Leaves quite a few loose ends! When emergency officials finally enter the dark aircraft, the new community for book lovers. Heroine Meena is as over vampires as the rest of us, but is stuck in a job where she writes about them constantly. Trust real people, they discover that all but one crew member and three passengers are dead of unknown caus.

Also ranked 2 in What are the best books with dominant males. The Black Dagger Brotherhood is a group of warriors in charge of protecting humanity from many threats. It is first published in by NAL! The Southern.

Feel the rush. The Strain. The Historian.

Bram Stoker's Dracula. Our Version of the List At a Glance. The Historian. By Carolyn Cox.


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    From classics to new releases, Here are 28 great vampire books for adults of In this first book of the Virgin Blood series, college student Juliet.

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    And she sure gets one when she makes the huge mistake of getting kidnapped by the vampires. Fans of the hit television series will love rediscovering Buffy in this collection of tales, which follows the storyline of the show. Sienna Mercer's kids book series follows the adventures of Olivia and Ivy, two girls who discover they're identical twins with one major difference between book. It's about an ex-homicide cop that orbits a circle of vampires.💩

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