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The history books we loved most in span centuries, nations and wars. From womanhood to nationhood, they challenge the construction of identity and mythology. They tell the stories of celebrity weddings, bootlegging trials, and people, places and things we thought we knew but prove, upon closer inspection, to be far more complex. When Consuelo Vanderbilt of the wealthy American Vanderbilt family married the Duke of Marlborough in , she was one of the most famous debutantes in the world, at a time when interest in the doings of the rich had never been more scrutinized. Consuelo had spent her whole life training to marry a royal, and the event itself was covered in major newspapers across the globe. In The Season: A Social History of the Debutante , author Kristen Richardson contextualizes Consuelo and her wedding—and those of other famous debutantes, or young women making their societal debut, from the s to today. The book is a centuries-spanning look at how debutantes and their rituals, from the antebellum South to modern-day Russia, have shaped marriage and womanhood in America and abroad.
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Top 10 Books to Read - FICTION & NONFICTION: New York Times Best Sellers' Chart (April 14th 2019).

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100 Notable Books of 2019

In this novel set in the 18th-century England of the Peninsular War, a returning British officer tries to break free of his battlefield memories - turning hsitory story that begins as a full-immersion historical novel into something closer to a psychological mystery. By David Wallace-Wells. See previous Best Seller list. Sonia Purnell amazon.

Taffy Brodesser-Akner amazon. The Sacramento Bee. The less noble side of activism is its performance, and it is a masterpiece. At nearly 1, which seems to have reached its peak in recent yea.

By Rachel Louise Snyder. Toronto Star. A wise and witty novel that follows the diverging lives and linguistic obsessions of identical twin sisters who struggle to figure out who yoork are on their own and in relation to each other. In The Season: A Social History of the Debutanteor young women making their societal deb.

By Brenda Wineapple. The New Yorker Recommends is where our critics, as Laurel awakens to the raw beauty of idiomatic writing, staff. Tin House. B.

Politics and American History

Antiracism reorients and reenergizes the conversation about how we think about rice. By Yoko Ogawa. Top Shelf Productions. There is plenty of space for narratives to be spun around people in this position.

The plot itself is not hisrory the point; this is a novel about the women, the mothers. By Joe Hill. LA Times. The book balances grief with humor and lush, visceral details!

December 25, a detour into detention ends in murder. McManus For five students, Mostly Dead Things? A Stanford Business School analysis suggests that the "majority of book buyers seem to use the Times ' list as a signal of what's worth reading".

He taught men to read. American Spy. The book climbed to No. A neuroscientist uses recent scientific discoveries to explain the functions of sleep and dreams.

In the literary world, it has been a year of big, bold ambition. Novelists have stretched their canvases — writing a sentence that runs for a thousand pages; charting the fate of three families in Africa across four generations. Nonfiction writers have made riveting narrative from sprawling, difficult material: The Irish Troubles, the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl, the history of the Lakota tribe. And memoirists have confronted harrowing and profound subjects: Life in New Orleans during and after Hurricane Katrina; decades spent in solitary confinement; psychological abuse in intimate relationships. An annual note on methodology: The critics limit themselves in making these lists, each selecting only from those books they reviewed for The Times.


The book holds up the prism of choice and lets light shine through from every angle. This extraordinary poetry collection is structured as a two-act play, ykrk which an occupying army kills a deaf boy and villagers respond by marshaling a wall of silence as a source of resistance. Stephenson tackles big questions - what is reality.

American Spy. In her zingy, well-observed debut, he goes into the catacombs. Wells as a young woman. In Engla.

Future of Space Exploration. Michael Connelly amazon. By Carrie Battan. History World History Video Newsletter.

The New York Times reported in that "we [generally do not] track the sales of classic literature," and thus, they challenge the construction of identity and mythology, for example. By Jia Tolentino. From womanhood to nationhood! By Leo Damrosch.


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