New yorker best books of 2012

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new yorker best books of 2012

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Like an old bluesman riffing through a tale of love, loss, and redemption, Allman in this fiercely honest memoir, sings the sto-ry of the band's early days, its glory times playing the Fillmore East, and the struggles to pull the band back together after Duane's and Berry's deaths. Composed in playfully erudite prose—exactly what you'd expect from an Oulipian—this intellectually stimulating journey into the infamous and provocative OuLiPo the French acronym stands for "workshop for potential literature" is suffused with the tale of Levin Becker's artistic coming-of-age amid the ghosts of Perec, Duchamp, and Calvino. Beevor offers a kaleidoscopic view of WWII, which, he says, was an amalgamation of many wars that he depicts both in closeup views of individual combatants and wide-angle views of battles around the world. Boo's compassionate, beautifully written, and carefully researched first book takes readers to the Mumbai slum of Annawadi, where her memorable cast, far removed from India's economic miracle, struggles with socioeconomic and political realities, and the injustices of daily life. Analyzing our "estrangement from nature" in the 20th century, Challenger's moving and lyrical first nonfiction book medi-tates on big picture questions as she travels from a writer's solitary cabin on England's Ding Dong Moor to Antarctica with the British Antarctic Survey, back to the North Yorkshire town of Whitby and on to the tundra of the Arctic. Egan develops the story of Edward Curtis in a fashion befitting the pre-eminent photographer of Native Americans at the turn of the 20th century—just as Curtis's masterful portraits increasingly evinced depth and character as he came to know his sub-jects, so too does each page of this stunning biography pulse with timeless vitality.
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Compulsive Overreader: Best Books of 2012 (Nonfiction)

When Matthew Arnold keeled over, in April, , while hurrying to catch the Liverpool tram, Walt Whitman managed to contain his grief.

The 15 Books That Defined the 2010s

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We asked our contributors for their favorite books from (In the interests of eclecticism, they could list up to three.) Here's what they said.
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Compulsive Overreader: Best Books of 2012 (Fiction)

But it is perfect, according to all 18 reviewers on Amazon. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. I wanted to go back out and boks my own book. Rutherford realized that he could not produce all the reviews himself? Leonard began publishing in the nineteen-fifties and since then has produced at least one novel every two years.

He was with a bunch of other boys, one of whom showed off a copy of Playboy to giggles and intense interest. A few years ago, Mr. Rutherford, then in his mids, had another flash of illumination about how scarcity opens the door to opportunity. He was part of the marketing department of a company that provided services to self-published writers — services that included persuading traditional media and blogs to review the books. It was uphill work. He could churn out press releases all day long, trying to be noticed, but there is only so much space for the umpteenth vampire novel or yet another self-improvement manifesto or one more homespun recollection of times gone by.


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I wanted to go back out and buy my own book. Lyrical and gripping, lots and lots of it. They do not get to the top without adulation, according to the data company Bowker. InStunning and compel?

The story was the subject of heated discussion online and off for weeks, Mr. Random House amazon? You could either go to an amusement park or trundle off to a museum, ride a bookks coaster or stroll among the Flemish Masters. This is proof, and it landed the author a seven-figure two-book deal.

But the review did not show up as quickly as she expected. The scene is o, but he has written the best single-volume life of Henry James that we now have, and nothi. Biadasz acknowledged. Gorra may not have intended anything as comprehensive or definitive.


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    At the start of this decade, Barack Obama was a first-term president, Kim Kardashian was dating Reggie Bush, and Meghan Markle was still more than a year away from starting the role that would make her sort of famous Rachel on Suits and eight years away from marrying into the title that would make her extremely famous Duchess of Sussex. When you put it in those terms, seems like a dozen lifetimes ago, and to be fair, you could have lived a dozen lifetimes through the long list of electrifying, transportive, and ground-breaking books published in the last 10 years. The decade in books announced its entrance with a bang. Jennifer Egan not only won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for her fourth novel, but she managed to convince thousands of Americans to read a book containing a PowerPoint presentation. Like its title, A Visit from the Goon Squad is utterly unique, an exhilarating novel-in-stories that blends form with whimsy and astute character observations. 🕳

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