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With Apple iTunes, you have unlimited access to download previous music, movie, and audiobook purchases anytime you like. This comes in handy if you have lost your files on your hard drive or wish to easily download the content to a new device. Apple removed app syncing from iTunes. You will have to download purchased apps from your mobile device. I have tried on data and wifi and it just will NOT do what it is recommended here.
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Published 27.05.2019

iBooks Not Downloading/Stuck? Here's how to fix

Having trouble downloading books to your iPhone or iPad with Apple Make sure that Automatic Downloads for Books and Audiobooks is turned on in If those books aren't listed, Click on File > Move Books From iTunes (or.

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You can Reset All Settings by following these steps:! I have almost audiobooks. Which I do so I can listen to them in my car! Some relationships just aren't meant to be, which is why there are absolutely no restrictions on when you can cancel your Audiobooks?

I am more interested in the cloud as backup for my media. We were promised a much better media experience with Catalina. Hopefully that app will be useful to some of you. Files are managed and sorted manually!

I had a couple of short story collections from Audible that would begin stuttering or that would just cut out after a certain point.
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Diagnostic information:

Anyway, with 10 Tb, I was a speed reader and could go through several books a day if I wasn't too busy that day. I'm actually giving downloading the book as one big part a go. It sounds like Apple is finally telling me that they no longer want me as a zudiobook When I had enough vision to read.

Yes, you access your audiobooks in the Books app. If you don't like the audiobook, no way to determine if they will work before I buy them. It's either miss or go, stop at any time. Once you have arrived at your online library, at the top right area.

While many people associate iPhone and iPod with apps , music, and movies, these devices are equally handy for listening to audiobooks. Below are our picks for the best places to get free audiobooks for your iPhone. Some of the audiobooks found on these sites don't download in a file format that the phone recognizes as an audiobook. Either convert these audiobooks to the M4B format with a file converter tool or force iTunes to make the files appear as audiobooks. There are lots of other free audiobook sites you can look through if you don't find something interesting on these websites. All content on Archive. As a result, don't expect to find the biggest names or the latest hits, but you will find a nearly inexhaustible supply of great listening.

I am still a bit short of books on audible, but there are many book lovers that Apple should have considered. I am the sort that drags sighted friends and family into helping me use the calibration software in my home theater reciever and who tweaks the positions of speakers to optimize the sound! Sir, but I have a 3 Tb external drive that is nearly full! There is a new feature coming in iTunes, one will be able to split one's iTunes library across multiple drives without needing to use RAID, Thank you for your advice on not reverting to Mojave. The Music app is fine for music subscribers and probably works well for them.

I have an extensive audiobook library mostly DRM-free in iTunes, which I actively curate that is, I break books into chapters, combine chapters into sections, edit the metadata, etc. With Catalina, I understand this content will be moved to the Books app. If you have played with the Catalina beta, do you know whether I will able to edit audiobooks in Books in the same manner that now is possible in iTunes? If no, any suggestions on non-Apple apps to use for this purpose, not only to edit the content, but then to play it on both Mac and iOS devices? I did download some free audiobooks in the Books app on Catalina. Perhaps then they are just in the Music app.


I'll see if I can find a better way to get Audible files in individual parts, seeing as that may be your only solution for playback on the Nano. Now manually reorder in collections - after I have made them - I suppose. It is not detected as a link or button, but pressing it does work to expand the view. Please visit the "Library" page?

But what is om with just using the Audible app. Catalina has destroyed my audiobook collection. Appreciate your knowledge as I mainly use my iMac as a media player. I tried the affected books on my Nanoo which is 5th gen, an iPhone 5c and an iPhone 5s all with the same results when using the device as the player as opposed to using the Audible app .


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    Please type in your email address in order to receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password. If you find yourself wanting to listen to more books, you can add book credits to your subscription as you go. Sign up for our 30 day free trial , and get your first book free, no strings attached. Cancel anytime during those 30 days, no questions asked. Once your free trial has expired, your monthly subscription fee will be automatically charged to the billing information on your account, and you can continue to enjoy great audiobooks. 👩‍🎓

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