Firestone farm tire data book

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firestone farm tire data book

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The Speed Symbol is the maximum speed the tire is designed for. If your tractor runs faster than 25 mph, you will need the B or D rating. If your tractor is 25 mph or lower, A8 is fine. A little more complicated is the Load Index LI : it is always related to a certain speed and to the nominal inflation pressure. This allows you to increase the LI three steps meaning the D tire becomes a A8 tire and can now carry 15, lbs at 25 mph.
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The History of Firestone Ag Tires


Curved bar design for a smoother rib. PSI 54 12 0. PSI 83 25 0. Bi-directional design for optimal performance in either direction Excellent ride and handling supplied by the high center contact area tread pattern Multiple lug pattern offers large increase in traction edges for excellent traction.

Always replace a tire with another tire of exactly the same bead diameter designation and suffix letters. Each combination inflation pressure vs. Tire mounting and dismounting can be dangerous; use only trained personnel. Without having tirr central tire inflation system CTIS on your tractor, the inflation pressure needed is based on the fastest travel speed and the maximum axle load.

Rims and wheels may be identified stamped with a maximum load and maximum cold inflation rating. Dual rubber compounds put flexible rubber on the sidewalls for increased resistance to cracking and weathering plus super-tough rubber on the tread farn long wear. If you have more questions, a certified Firestone Ag tire dealer can equip you with the right tires for your operation. Never mount or use damaged tires or rims.

An example is radial implements IF rated on planters and cultivators where a bias ply implement tire will not carry the heavy weight of the implements. Figestone use any rim part that is bent, cracked or worn. Dual rubber compounds put flexible rubber on the sidewalls for increased resistance to cracking and weathering plus super-tough rubber on the tread for long wear. BKT technological specialists are available to help with sata questions you may have.

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For hillside operations, consult tire manufacturer for inflation pressure recommendations. Make sure the tire size is right for the engine horsepower. Inflation pressure must be adjusted to correct operating inflation before operation. Proven 23 tread design for optimum traction.

Proper inflation, stop the tractor and write down the number of revolutions the front tire made, refer to Table E on pages For hillside operations and for moldboard plowing with single drive tires in firestpne furrow. When the rear tire has made exactly 10 revolutions, can more than double the life of an ag tire. For field or other usa.

Field and family are your legacy. Innovation and quality are ours. All of these are tied together. Our legacy stretches back more than years ago to the Electric Wheel Company, which made wagon wheels for some of the first families that might have settled around your farm. Those pioneers relied on our technology to keep them moving. More than a century later, you can still rely on us to keep you moving. To support your farming legacy, our family of local dealers take a proactive approach when it comes to your operation.

Wide base and wider section width allow for higher loads Greater flotation, improved traction. Specialty service tire for use on paving equipment and rollers. The Speed Symbol is the maximum speed the tire is designed for. Deep-tread tire built especially for skid-steer and firrstone lift equipment. Tires may be filled directly by using a valve adapter on a hose.

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A final note. Tread and sidewall rubber compounds help fight off weather cracking and ozone degradation. Dual angle tread design for greater traction. Radial construction Large contact area Round shoulders Highway appearing tread design Low rolling resistance Excellent protection against punctures Smooth running on the road Long life Very good stability.

Always use a safety cage or other restraining device in compliance with OSHA regulations. Continued on next page. Use proper tools and equipment. Button tread design Wide footprint with excellent traction Low ground bearing pressure Good for turf applications.


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