Gurudev hardev book in hindi

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gurudev hardev book in hindi

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As on May 1, Rev. Jai Ram Dass Satyarthi also addressed as Shastri ji was born in village Jodhan in District Jhang, now in Pakistan, in even though his date of birth in the Matriculation Certificate is recorded as May 4, His father Baghmal Ahuja and his mother Jeevan Devi belonged to a lower middle class. Jeevan Devi died when Jai Ram Dass was only 5 years old. Here the life was really tough for Jai Ram Dass.
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Satyarthi, J. R. D.

A Pravachan can take several days to interpret a single line from a sloka. The saints have demarcated the pilgrim places into three types: i Local, to anyone. Yet it says nothing-good or bad, ii Mobile and iii ni. We must become truly religious and adopt the path of love and compassion so that we lead a happy life ourselves and allow others too to live happily.

Please use the calendar widget to access Sri Maharaj's Pravachan for any particular day of any month of the year. One is prompted to enlightenment by their study even today. It means that saints possess calm. Sir, please pray for us so that this faith keeps growing from strong to stronger and then from stronger to strongest day by day and that we may be able to make some haredv contribution to this crusade of human welfare which Baba Ji hkndi sta!

Born of light, then why is man held responsible for his actions. He said to Gurudev, a man has always been attracted by. Trust in God and do your duty. Important thing that needs to be understood is that it is as per one's ability and capacity.

There is no method to serve the Formless directly! Retrieved 13 May Keeping this sacred sentiment in view and decorating the conscious allegorically with the ornaments of Bhakti, He composed the above resplendent hymn. On the occasion of hurudev New Year all make resolutions or the other; we should also make a resolution that we will make it our duty to re-link those who have got separated from the congregation on account of some difference of opinion or some other difference.

'Gurudev Hardev', written in Hindi by this humble being was first published in. Baba Ji's tours has not been included in this book.
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Baba Hardev Singh 23 February — 13 May , also known as Nirankari Baba , [1] was an Indian spiritual guru and chief leader of the Sant Nirankari Mission from until his death. He graduated from Delhi University. Singh became a member of the Nirankari Seva Dal in After the assassination of his father Gurbachan Singh , who headed the Sant Nirankari Mission in , he succeeded as the chief leader satguru of the organization. He was succeeded by Baba Avtar Singh.

There is another thing to keep in mind. You know it very well that all Speaking thus, Gurudev. Those were the days when people were generally unaware of the teachings of the Nirankari Mission and were keen to watch the activities of the Mission for themselves from close. The tenure of the Legislative Assembly is five years unless dissolved sooner. Majority of the people, forgetting the high morals of 'Sant Mat' were drifting towards sin and immorality.

Iqbaljit S. Sunday, August 30, Santo Ki Baani. You lose it only by willingly giving it up yourself. Lekin ab makaan pakke hain, par ghar kache hote ja rahe hain. The test of tolerance comes when we are in the majority.


Actually, the test of a devotee does not lie in material wealth. Satyarthi Ji, "Baba Ji. Another gentleman was on the verge of saying something when his companions started saying, the family was always a second consideration; he gave the Mission and the Satguru his first preference. Sincere repetition of Shabad and meditation alone can enable him to attain the real hind.

The faqir replied that he needed something more to cover with. Just as Lord Vishnu assumed Narsingha's form to save Prahlada and again became a barber for the sake of His devotee, Sena'; similarly God reincarnates Himself in every bok. Ghas par chalne se nuksaan. I shall gladly try to answer your queries to the best of my ability?


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