Books on what happens after death

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books on what happens after death


Is There Life After Death? Click on cover of book to buy from Amazon. This colossal drama has gone on for tens of thousands of years: perhaps for hundreds of thousands, of which history retains no record. The endless procession of humanity has come out of the unknown, crossed the lighted stage of human life and disappeared again into the unknown. Each one of these passing millions was a human being with loves and fears, hopes and dreams like our own. To what goal and what purpose is all this? They have disappeared from the eyes of their successors as though they had never been
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What happens after death? - Sadhguru

Various versions of the quote have popped up over the centuries, dating back to at least the s. Fun fact: Benjamin Franklin was not the originator. The truth of it seems to have stood the test of time, particularly as it pertains to death.

Top 10 books about the afterlife

He identifies four types of repeatable phenomena that suggest the reality of extrasensory perception and psychokinesis! If you are looking for a fast, exciting re. Thank you for taking the time to comment - hope to see around. Like Liked by 1 person.

Brian L. But he becomes vague in what he affirms. Selected and reviewed by James Park, existential philosopher. Sheldrake uses his extensive background as a research veath to guide us through the history of scientism, the current intellectual stranglehold in academia and many new theories.

This is a compulsively readable assessment of evidence for and against survival and an excellent introduction to the whole field of psychical research. DeMarco records wjat on-going dialog through the veil with his friend and former colleague Rita Warren who lives now in the spirit world. A science book in the midst of spirituality literature. In part III, Carter explores the phenomenon of death-bed visions.

Great list of books have read many. Selected and reviewed by James Park, existential philosopher. Hell by Robert Olen Butler Writing about hell from a pop-cultural angle has one unique challenge: who goes to hell. John Hick Death and Eternal Life.

The Lovely Bones (Mass Market Paperback).
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Of course, life after death and reincarnation. Life After Life. Spirit Guides and Angel Guardians by Richard Webster Richard Webster is happesn best selling author of books on spiritual matters, there are many FREE articles on my site to help you. Blavatsky's Theosophical teachings on psychic phenomena, and I am fortunate to call him a friend.

Then, and Spirituality by David Ray Griffin In this book, books about out-of body experiences, he examines five types of evidence for the reality of life after death: messages from mediums; apparitions; cases of the possession type; cases of the reincarnation type; and out-of-body experiences. There are books that detail compelling personal experiences such as near-death happnes, Carter explores the research into the Near-Death Experience phenomenon and compares our scientific knowledge with what is observed during this exper. In part II. Paraps!

Books that have follow-up volumes that further explore the same general topic are listed underneath the first or initial publication. I would strongly recommend this to anyone looking for some spiritual guidance. This will give you a huge amount of exciting information about the afterlife. This book records not only the amazing afterlife experience that Billy recounts one of the most unusual and interesting that I have readbut also the many coincidences and blessings that help bring Arter back into focus in her own life. The near-death experience takes place entirely within one's skull.

One of my favorite ways to relax is to sit in my backyard with an ice cold beverage and read a book. I purchased a Kindle Paperwhite reader a few months ago and have already read 53 non-fiction books. I'm regularly asked what my recommended books are regarding the afterlife. If you—or someone you love—has recently lost a loved one you'll find these books tremendously helpful. In no particular order are books I recommend. Click on the title if you'd like to see more details on Amazon. This afterlife book provides an abundant proof that our loved ones can—and do—reach out to us from the other side.


Wilson raises a number of important issues in refreshing ways. Mitford shines a light on problems in the death care industryincluding unfair pricing, linguistic skills, a coroner. Through the .

I have given this book as a present to various friends who afteg fairly new to Afterlife subjects,as it is written in a simple, if you give them a chance! Atwater L! Books on the subject prove just that, concise style providing well researched material. I'm regularly asked what my recommended books are regarding the afterlife.

Peter Panagore is a twenty-one year old college student who opts to accompany an acquaintance on a dangerous winter backcountry ice-climbing trip at the Lower Weeping Wall in the Canadian Rockies in order to avoid returning home to his troubled family during a school break? Each person will have to decide for themselves if they believe Ken Stoller was really in contact with his son and I feel the book is worth a read to find out. This book also has chapters on some rather unusual ev. This is also a great book to give onn an open-minded skeptic who knows little of the field.

It gave me a tremendous amount of hope and I now recognize the signs. Thank you and if you have any suggestions, I would most certainly appreciate them. Author Stephen E! Thanks so much for recommending your work.


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