Ielts book 7 speaking test 1 answers

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ielts book 7 speaking test 1 answers

Speaking - part 1 | Take IELTS

Describe a time when you visited a friend or family member at their workplace. Describe an occasion when you had to wait a long time for someone or something to arrive. You should say: who or what you were waiting for how long you had to wait why you had to wait a long time and explain how you felt about waiting a long time. Describe an interesting discussion you had about how you spend your money. You should say: who you had the discussion with why you discussed this topic what the result of the discussion was and explain why this discussion was interesting for you. Do you ever draw or paint pictures nowadays?
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IELTS Speaking Band 7 - Sample 1

IELTS Speaking: Free Lessons & Essential Tips

My hometown's in Hanoi, which is the capital city of Vietnam. You can listen to speaoing audio on any The IELTS test is a standardised English proficiency test used for immigration and university admission purposes. Shipping for distribution. You will get 3 to 4 minutes to speak on the given topic.

But I get bored if I am alone bok much so I like to go out and meet friends in the evening or play football. There are thousands of ways to practice with a partner online. An introduction to these different modules is included in each book. The note that a piano produces is so delightful and melodious.

What sorts of food do you like eating most. Books What kind of books do you like to read. My plan is to emigrate to Canada and pursue my career there because there are more opportunities to take advantage of in my field of expertise. Shams 24 days 7 hours.

How have developments in technology affected employment in your country. In very general terms, yes. I prefer to let my body deal with naturally. Most people think that it's difficult to practice speaking at home, all you have to do is look.

This will last minutes. Describe a piece of electronic equipment you find useful You should say: what it is how you learned to use it how long you have had it and explain why you find this piece of electronic equipment useful. You can carry a huge selection of books on your tablet or e-reader, so you always have something interesting to read. This section of the test is designed to wnswers you the opportunity to talk about things in a more abstract way.

What are the benefits of parents reading books to their children. Tset loans are very expensive and not every family has enough foresight to save enough money to send their children to university. I think this is a personal choice and I am not the type of person who likes taking selfie or self-photograph now and then. Firstly, etc.

Cambridge IELTS Book 14 Speaking Test 2

I think this is a personal iels and I am not the type of person who likes taking selfie or self-photograph now and then. Flickr is a great photo storing and sharing website owned by Yahoo. Can I see your ID. Do you sometimes prefer to send a text message instead of telephoning. How strong a tradition is it today in your country to go to the theatre.

In part 1 of the Speaking test, the examiner will ask general questions on familiar topics. The questions in this part include familiar topics such as home, family, work, studies and interests. Part 1 of the test will last minutes. It is customary that the examiner will ask your name first. Some such common questions are given below: Q. Good morning. My name is Katherin Hingis.


It consists of 40 questions 10 per section and lasts around 30 seaking. There are only two that you can ask him or her. Help other students by sharing your IELTS questions and topics that you got in your test in the comments below or email them to hello ieltsonlinepractice. Then there are certain other situations such as arriving at the airport for an international flight, when you are required to arrive earlier than the answets time of the flight to allow time for everyone to check in and board without any problems.

The book emphasized the importance of establishing values and direction in life, and to treat yourself as if you were helping another person. What could you do to have a healthier answefs. You will also be given one minute to plan and will be expected to talk for minutes. Who normally does the cooking in your home.

Post a Comment. Do you have many friends. It will vary from one environment to another, I am inclined to take photos of people, and unless you have a go. However.

Part 3. I'm usually assigned to work with a specific business in order to improve their sales through various marketing strategies. You will have 10 minutes at the end to transfer your answers from the question paper to the ilts sheet. Flickr is a great photo storing and sharing website owned by Yahoo.


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    This article will tell you everything you need to know about the IELTS speaking exam in , including step-by-step strategies, video lessons and practice resources. It is extremely important that you understand what the IELTS examiner is looking for in the speaking test. However, it is equally as important to know what the examiner does NOT want you to do. This video should give you a strong idea of what the examiner needs to see to award a Band 7 or above in the speaking test:. The examiner does NOT want to see:. 💪

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    IELTS Speaking Part 1 questions and answers - Pete Jones

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    Cambridge IELTS Book 14 Speaking Test 1

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    IELTS Speaking, Part 1: Practice Questions with Sample Answers was probably my favourite book. I think I read it more than five times! 7.

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    Have look at the following IELTS Speaking Part 1 questions from the book Cambridge IELTS 7 and think about how you would answer them.

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