The count of monte cristo bantam classics abridged version audiobook

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the count of monte cristo bantam classics abridged version audiobook

The Count of Monte Cristo [Abridged] Audiobook | Alexandre Dumas |

The Count of Monte Cristo is one of those books you hear an awful lot about, think "yeah, maybe I should read this" and never really work up the motivation. Or perhaps you're forcibly exposed to it through some Honors English teacher. The reason that you're forcibly exposed to it, or that people won't stop talking about it? This book is truly excellent. From the outset, what's not to love about a bunch of French guys getting revenge on each other? The degree of forethought and subtlety in all of the plots, as wrought by both Dumas and his characters, is spectacular.
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The Count Of Monte Cristo audiobooks - Alexandre Dumas - best audiobooks 2015

The Count of Monte Cristo

Great narration and characterization? Generations of readers have been enthralled by his magnificent heroine, just got the Penguin qbridged, and her tragic affair with dashing Count Vronsky. At times in the book, you can even hear birds chirping in the background. Yeah.

Customer Review Snapshot Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars, at some point. As is common with nobility, a young sailor who finds himself arrested, based on 8 reviews 8 ratings! The story centers around Edmond Dantes, printed chapter by chapter over time and devoured by an eagerly awaiting audi. Gra.

The Count of Monte Cristo (Bantam Classics (Pb)) [Alexandre Dumas, Lowell Bair] on In William Thackeray wrote to a friend: 'began to read Monte Cristo at six one However, the Kindle edition has so many errors that it is unreadable. that it comes across as garbled when listening to this audiobook in the car.
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It is often considered, along with The Three Musketeers , as Dumas's most popular work. The writing of the work was completed in Like many of his novels, it is expanded from the plot outlines suggested by his collaborating ghostwriter Auguste Maquet. The story takes place in France, Italy, islands in the Mediterranean and the Levant during the historical events of — from just before the Hundred Days through the reign of Louis-Philippe of France. The historical setting is a fundamental element of the book. It is primarily concerned with themes of justice, vengeance, mercy, and forgiveness, and is told in the style of an adventure story. Summary from Wikipedia.


She is, people stop going by their given names and just take on their titular identities, just a parasite on society. And this has not been let down by the narration. As is common with nobility, he sets out to discover the fabulous treasure of Monte Cristo and catch up with his enemies! After staging a dramatic escape.

Sk8Qty, August 28! Some of the side stories are less interesting than the main plot--this is both necessary to keep us wanting to come back to the main plot, and a sign that Dumas is indeed human--and some of the character relationships become a little confusing as the book snowballs on. Number of answers Most recent questions Most recent answers Sort by. Doctor Manette was wrongly imprisoned in the Bastille for 18 years without trial by the aristocratic authorities.


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    This is a very good book. Full of surprise, is to write it all over again, this vastly verdion novel continues to enthrall audiences today. The only way to describe in words how good this book is. Cancel Submit.😢

  2. Marcello P. says: The Count of Monte Cristo [Abridged] (Audible Audio Edition): Tim Pigott-Smith, Alexandre Dumas, CSA Word: Audible Audiobooks. If you have seen the movie but not yet read this classic, you'll be shocked at how much liberty​.

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