Qian shan mu xue novel in english

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qian shan mu xue novel in english

[Translation] Chapter 1(1) of Sealed with a Kiss Novel

I never intended to do much except as a guest writer once in a blue moon. Like the plot of a promising novel that trainwreck, I ended up blogging all alone now. Sob, sob, such sad fate: Thus, thank you to the support of my readers to keep me going. No wonder I am exhausted:P. The ranking should be taken with a grain of salt as I am not sure of the sampling involved.
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Published 21.10.2019

《千山暮雪》第1集 莫绍谦百般刺激童雪 EP.1 丨Sealed with a Kiss

Since I've been asked a few times to translate the Sealed with a Kiss novel, I've decided to go ahead with this project. It's going to be a monumental task for me.

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No BE and OE for me. I did a summary and some scene translations on it. It has a very similar feel to Heavy Sweetness, is a light read. The story beginns with the end of the world like in the legend of Maya.

Actually i stayed on the show because of MSQ. I loved the layers and the relationships they brought in. Yes, at am. Eli March 15.

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Decembi likes this novel so you can read both of our features on it. You are commenting using your Twitter account. I think I need a break from GM, at AM.

Then again coz I think Nicky is old n ugly with a big nose. Imagine those who don't know about the novel would not know the real ending. Although the couple is loving and HE, that secret really spoilt eenglish mood. Also, the leads are more affectionate and funny.

Hawick Lau is getting increasingly popular! Too bad I'm not such a big fan of his. Hmmmm, I'll keep this one in mind, but I don't think I'll be watching. Lately, I don't feel like watching Asian TV shows because the dubbing company is sooo bad! I rather watch original with subtitles, but it's hard work LOL.

I can't wait to see the mini sequel. Feel free to dislike Wallace Chung bcos I am not a crazy fan, just not my cup of tea. Nothing personal, lol. For a better experience. The tragic love story is between the politi….

Just discovered this show 2 days ago and just finished it, can't seem to get it off my mind. Loved every minute of it. Hi there.. Please let me know.. Finished it within three days one of my favorites for sure I wish I could read the novel but it's nowhere to be found Strongly recommend watching this drama. Such a nice drama, isn't it? It really is a very nice drama.


You should utilise the comment function here to voice your disagreement, just not my cup of tea. Nothing personal, or agreement. I love the most of her books. He is Liu Inn Ling.

Ti Ti January 25, at am. She thinks it is aian from the English Twilight. The female lead has an inner strength and purity that actually draws the three guys to her so I quite liked her too. It's the people who buy these clothing items have wallets as fat as these goats.

You should read it. Wished it happens in real life tho. So draggy, my pet hate? Thus.

Hawick's outfit there is same throughout the whole show that black outfit with beanie. SN loved him too much and kind of sacrificed xus instead. Hence, how deep is his love. I read this story recently.


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