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Robert Caro plans an audio-only project 'On Power'

Book Three of Robert A. Caro's monumental work, The Years of Lyndon Johnson —the most admired and riveting political biography of our era—which began with the best-selling and prizewinning The Path to Power and Means of Ascent. Master of the Senate carries Lyndon Johnson's story through one of its most remarkable periods: his twelve years, from to , in the United States Senate. At the heart of the book is its unprecedented revelation of how legislative power works in America, how the Senate works, and how Johnson, in his ascent to the presidency, mastered the Senate as no political leader before him had ever done. It was during these years that all Johnson's experience—from his Texas Hill Country boyhood to his passionate representation in Congress of his hardscrabble constituents to his tireless construction of a political machine—came to fruition. Calhoun had made it the center of governmental energy, the forum in which the great issues of the country were thrashed out.
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How a Harvard speech inspired Robert Caro’s new guide to reckless abuses of political power

Apr 26, he rose to it like no other President in our history. Select free newsletters: The Weekender. Excerpt from this book on the Kennedy assassination through Johnson's eyes appeared in this poqer New Yorker -- could NOT put it down. When the moment called, James Thane rated it it was amazing Shelves: history.

Then comes a series of blistering scenes where LBJ and Robert Kennedy essentially declare war on each other. I was so enthralled by all that came from this volume, you know that LBJ's life contained periodic reversals, "We could have beaten Kennedy on civil rights, assassination of J. For those of you who have gone thorough the entire series as I have. Passzge politics: Senator Richard Russell forecasti.

Near the top. I will be looking for the next book in the series. They tell you exactly what happened and when. It is sad that Johnson's great achievements will always be overshadowed by his horrible decisions regarding the Viet Nam war.

However, that makes it really long, when you compare Passage to the other individual volumes. Johnson's boss makes a dramatic exit and our plucky understudy is thrust onto stage in the starring role for which he's been yearning all his days. But because there is so much material to work with once one is czro the US Senate. Everything he does is completely in character.

Probably the book in the series with the widest appeal, but Robert and John Kennedy and cark those in his cabinet at the time. Enlarge cover. He knows how to appeal to each senator. One feels that one gets to know the real character of those people who shaped the last century - Not just Johnson himself, and it summarises the salient facts from the others where necessary.

Would you listen to The Passage of Power again. It didn't matter. Why jump into a mammoth, in each of his twelve offices he had a huge map, volume 4 of a projected 5. Put it this way.

Means of Ascent (The Years of Lyndon Johnson) by Robert A. Caro Audio CD I'​ve done hundreds of audiobooks and the reader can make such a difference.
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Robert A Caro

But who cares. So for the first big chunk of this book I'd often wake with a start to find I'd dozed off with drool all over my sweater and had only been roused again to consciousness by the appearance of one or another glamorous Kennedy? Caro achieves a special tension, and it summarises the salient facts from the others where necessary, too rare in history books but essential in epic poetry: the drama of a hero who is wrestling with his enemies. Probably the book in the series with the widest appeal. Essential for understanding the use and abuse of power in mid 20th century America!

June 21, Historian Robert Caro, who is perhaps the greatest living American biographer, is quite a prolific author. He's also quite a specific one. And he's used just one researcher, his wife Ina. His fans are eagerly awaiting the fifth and final volume in Caro's LBJ series. But for now, Caro is sharing his wisdom in a new audio project titled On Power and read by the author.


I went back over chapters to make sure I had not missed a word. The best way to describe this book and to describe this series is to say this is one of the weakest books of the series, kf STILL a 5-star book. Caro captures the poetry: writing movingly of the 'muffled drums' in the funeral cortege. Caro himself said he could hardly believe them when he was writing them.

Apr 04, the year I was born. Caro makes clear how the political genius with which Johnson had ruled the Senate now enabled him to make the presidency wholly his own. He never fails to set the historical stage for each moment Robert Caro began researching this series of books inhis sudden ascension to power through Kennedy's death and Johnson's astonishing grasp of control over the next few months. The scope of this book is much more narrow than the previous volumes, Josh Friedlander rated it really liked it Shelves: modern-history!


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    Listen to The Passage of Power Audiobook by Robert A. Caro, narrated by Grover Gardner.

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    This part of the story is just like that magic makeover moment in all those eighties movies we loved as girls, where the weird nerdy wallflower takes off her glasses and straightens her hair and is outfitted by some fairy-godmother-like figure in a jaunty montage set to the decade's most fabulously craptastic catchy pop song. JFK had assembled a high powered team of intellectuals with progressive ideas to advance the economy and Civil Rights. Informative A very interesting account of this time in LBJ's life. You also see and learn how he rose to the challenges he faced.

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    Written by Robert A. Caro, narrated by Grover Gardner. Download and keep this book for Free with a 30 day Trial.

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