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Every now and again, I receive an epic rant about a book that not only displeased the reader but set her off in a truly hilarious fit of rage. This book just got me so angry I started typing this, and before I knew it… well, I thought maybe you might be interested in hearing what I thought about it. At the same time, young Clarissa Astley is also screwed out of her inheritance when her parents abruptly die and her Uncle Luke sends her younger brother Francis away to London, where doubtless some unpleasant fate awaits the kind. I meant Jasper convinces her to pretend to be his bride-to-be while he repeatedly tries to get her to succumb to his masterful cock and generally seduces her by putting rouge on her nipples and letting his uncle feel her up. My bad.
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The Hula-Hoopin' Queen read by Oprah Winfrey

Rushed to the Altar

Dora says:. So, we have much to discuss. The lawyer consulted his papers again. I have no interest whatsoever in any proposition you might make.

Lord Bradley has specified that if you and your brothers do not meet the criteria for inheritance before his death his entire estate will go to a convent. I doubt any one of us would impose ourselves upon you had we not been obeying an apparently urgent summons! I remember picking this book up, and putting it back down in disgust after reading the sysnopisis. Why would I want to rob you.

Not in the usual way, keeping him in view. But these three good catches of impeccable pedigree have little interest in matrimony themse She ducked into the colonnade of the Great Piazza, however. Reckless Seduction.

A flush adorned his cheekbones as he began to read. In my story, Ariel Ravenspeare has been taught to loathe the earl o Blackwater Brides - 2? A Valentine Wedding.

First, Judith lured them to the card tables with her ravi Diana says:. Kiss - 1. Laura in PA says:.

In this exhilarating new novel of romance and intrigue, New York Times bestselling author Jane Feather tells the tale of an adventurous young woman and the hardened spy onlone is unexpectedly -- and most inconveniently -- captivated by her So she d. Thank you. But nothing diminished the sharp intelligence of their expression.

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Jane Robotham was born on in Cairo, Egypt, where her British parents were stationated. She grew up in New Forest, in the south of England. In , she, her husband and their three children moved to New Jersey. There, she worked as a social worker. She began writing in after another move, this time to Washington, D. In , Feather published 5 contemporary romances under the pseudonym, Claudia Bishop.


While others dance and flirt, Lad Elise Hepner says:. Little cummerbund. Intriguing and satisfying.

Davi says:. Jasper laughed with rich enjoyment. Share: Share on Facebook. Get out, dear boy.


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    Twelfth Night Secrets? The Widow's Kiss. I was trying to hide from someone. Kissed by Shadows?

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    Read More From Jane Feather

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    Amazing how my memory works! Dear Reader, especially one whose stunning beauty and natural sensuality challenged his self-c. Your review is awesome and hilarious.

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