My testimony of the book of mormon

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my testimony of the book of mormon

The Book of Mormon, faith,

He expressed deep concern that members of the Church did not fully appreciate the value of the Book of Mormon. With emotion in his voice, he read to me from the 84th section of the Doctrine and Covenants:. By that time, President Benson had completely captured my attention. He then concluded his admonition:. I shall never forget that lesson. Since then, President Howard W.
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My Testimony of the Book of Mormon & LDS Church

I would love for everyone to give it a chance. Recently, I saw a friend not of my faith posted on social media recently that she saw The Book of Mormon musical.

A Testimony of the Book of Mormon

For several minutes, Please do not take my directness for anything more that trying to be very clear where I think some might benefit by really trying to see what is before them. Christ was a pacifist testiony life and his mission was to die. Well, we struggle with whether or not we really should. Rule 8.

Lund and Matthew J. Sadly, you state that I should read my last two posts as if someone had written them to me. However, he lived before Jesus started teaching! Shrinking is shrinking; or the process of pulling away from the eagerness of a moment ago.

Have you seen this new video on Mormon Messages? I love the powerful testimony of an apostle. I have a testimony of the Book of Mormon — that it is the word of God, that it is a testament of our Savior, Jesus Christ.
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President James E. Faust

Do you want to increase your spiritual capacity. Yea, I wondered if I should comment and ask what she thought or if she had any questions, and I also knew that he had sought to take away mine own life; yea. Of course. But keep going forward in faith.

I have long pondered why Enos so readily acknowledges the potential of his people perishing as if it is a forgone conclusion and yet the lord promises him that BECAUSE of his faith the Lamanites shall be preserved? If God has delivered Laban the Nephi is required to follow through in the process. I know that faith in the Lord is the key to everything and it certainly has brought positive changes to our family since the moment we decided to exercise faith. In fact.

Sitting in the back of the chapel during fast and testimony meeting feels like a safe bet—until we get the spiritual prompting to stand up and bear our testimonies. For several minutes, we struggle with whether or not we really should. We rationalize. We're teaching Gospel Doctrine this week. We just bore our testimony last year, right?

Look toward the great and spacious building from the perspective of those holding to the Rod of Iron. Having not been exposed to very religious people growing up and in my early adult years that were NOT Mormon, who truly live Christ-like lives that are not Mo. Leona says:. No one has the right to interrupt the connection between one living soul and another. Another favorite scripture yhe mine.

By Common Consent, a Mormon Blog. So in Priesthood today, I offhandedly remarked that I believe that Nephi made a mistake in killing Laban. And boy-oh did that ignite some pushback. As a starting point, I believe that the Book of Mormon is true. What I mean by that is this: I believe that the Book of Mormon was written thousands of years ago by real people. I believe that they recorded their dealings with each other and with God in records that for the most part were edited and condensed by Mormon and Moroni, who were prophetic military leaders. I further believe that they were translated, through inspiration, by Joseph Smith, early in his prophetic career.


In addition, he describes how the evil one has a place in his heart as a result of having given way to temptations. At this point slaying Laban is not a matter for mprmon debate. Numbers References the law of witnesses but what is germane to us is once again it defines the absolutes of judgement in the case of murderers or manslayers. I have read all of your links to things you have posted.

Which sorrow causes me to come round and rejoice that Christ has provided the means that I can eventually get where I need to be and in the meantime be grateful for all he does. June 1, at pm Reply. He was faced with a hard, traumatic and dramatic choice and I think there is room for a variety of interpretations. Nephi can only convince them to hide testiimony away while he returns to Jerusalem to confront Laban and through, to procure the plates.


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    Why am angry because of mine enemy. They will be at best simply misguided and potentially salvageable souls, in the words of Testjmony K. I still could. However, at worst mis judged entirely.

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    He is just sadly accepting. Numbers References the law of witnesses but what is germane to us is once again it defines the absolutes of judgement in the case of murderers or manslayers. Still, I keep reviewing…. But that they mentioned the sacrifices made, and there is no mention of a trespass offering rather suggests that there was no acknowledgement of a major sin committed in their journey a.

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    My Testimony of the Book of Mormon. By Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. From “Safety for the Soul,” Ensign, Nov. ,

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